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Friends1st NOTICEBOARD – email group

I have recently discovered a rather good group email system (for want of a better word) that enables group participants to send messages to the group. I am excited at the opportunity that this gives friends1st to create more of a community among our members (and historical members) which could have beneficial spin offs for all members.

I came across the system in my personal life (where I am a member of a sporting email group) and have benefitted greatly in finding homes, holidays and things to buy and sell. It’s an email system completely separate to the ones we use currently in the business – and it’s NOT connected to them.

You can use this ff noticeboard in the same way. Here’s some of the things I thought it might be good to use it for:-

  • telling people about interesting events you are going to that might be of interest to them too,
  • letting people know about a good church to attend in your local area,
  • selling something
  • renting out a holiday cottage
  • sharing ideas about dating – what’s working for you that might be of interest to them
  • etc

Here’s how it works:

  • I’ve created a list call ‘ff noticeboard’
  • I add your email address into the group ‘list’. No-one will see or be able to access your email address UNTIL you either send a message to the group (and it’s moderated successfully) OR you respond to someone else’s message (in which case your message would go to them only – and not the whole group)
  • You will then receive a welcome email telling you how to email the group, and how to amend your details on the system (like your address and preferences etc)
  • If you want to email the group, your email would come first to me to be ‘moderated’. This ensures the group doesn’t get violated, spam isn’t being sent, and that only ‘relevant’ messages get through to group members.
  • Once your message is approved, it would be sent to all group members, who would see who the message is from (i.e. they would see your email address) and then be able to reply to your email address (the one you’ve written the email from)
  • Emails will come from the persons name e.g. Katharine Gray via [ff noticeboard] with the subject line preceded by [ff noticeboard] so you’ll recognise them this way.
  • I intend to add all members and past members of friends1st to the group (unless we’ve been asked not to)

Once I’ve added you to the list you’ll get a welcome email (I’m sorry it’s not the prettiest of designs – but not controlled by us!).

If you DO NOT want to be added to this list, please email or ring us to let us know before then. (You will of course be able to unsubscribe at any time.)

I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts and hope this will be a useful membership feature