Evening dates don’t have to just be about dinner.

Why not try one of these 4 activities from offline Christian dating experts Friends1st for a slightly different spin on a date night.


It’s a relaxed environment, there is always a bustle of games and laughter to cover any silences and you both get to let out a little bit of your competitive side – just don’t get carried away.

A Gig

The hush of a theatre or cinema is replaced with cheering, music, & applause. Watch a live performance either locally or in a mainstream venue. Much like bowling, there isn’t a chance for awkward silences, and between acts you can discuss what you thought.

Stand Up Comedy Night

A sense of humour is a must for most people, so if you find the same things funny find an appropriate show and go. Don’t be afraid to laugh either – the more you laugh, the more your date will.

Church Event

Perhaps it’s time you experienced an evening at each other’s respective churches. There may be a service, and other events being held to celebrate different occasions and times of the year. This also means your date will have the chance to met some of your friends. If you think the time is right, ask.

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