5 Greenbelt Festival Camping Essentials

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5 Greenbelt Camping Essentials

The time is nearly here to head off with your friends to the Greenbelt Festival site. Tickets and tents are at the ready, the clock is ticking down, just don’t forget to these five essentials to festival camping…

Bin Bags

The humble bin liner, or to the festival–goer: “The Instant Rain Poncho”, “The Dirty Washing Basket”, “Patcher of Tents”. When the weather doesn’t go your way it’s there for you; when your tent leaks it keeps your valuables dry, and yes, you can put all your rubbish in it too. As we tell our Friends1st members, don’t judge a book by its cover. There’s more to the bin bag than meets the eye.

Baby Wipes

A tried and tested classic. While the days of the long drop toilet may be long behind Greenbelt Festival, the age of festivals with plentiful hot showers is still a little way off. So with that in mind, these are the perfect way to freshen up quickly in a tent – especially if you are looking to meet new people. You may want to toss in some dry shampoo too.

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It features interviews, music videos, book extracts and a map to navigate the festival site. It also updates for other festivals thought the year. To get the most out of your Greenbelt festival experience make sure you download this free app from the lovely folk at Church Times.

Bottles of water.

This may seem obvious, but always keep a bottle of water in the tent. There are fewer things worse than waking up on a hot day, in a hot tent, feeling like a piece of dried fruit with no water to hand – especially if you decided to have a beer or two the night before…

New friends.

Not something you can take with you, but something you bring back. It’s not truly a great festival camping experience if you don’t make some new friends. Whether it’s the group camping next to you, or the other Stornoway fans that come back to your pitch. Festivals are as much about meeting new people and sharing new experiences, as the music and art.

And on that note, Greenbelt is the perfect place to meet people with diverse tastes and start new friendships. If you haven’t already got your tickets head here.

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