Are you committing any of the

“7 Deadly Relationship Sins”?

Building a successful relationship can sometimes rely on what you don’t do.

Friends1st has been bringing people together for over 15 years, and as the UK’s top offline Christian dating agency, we know how great relationships work. We also know what makes them falter.

“7 Deadly Relationship Sins” is our free guide to help you avoid these stumbling blocks when searching for a Christian soul mate.

Here is a snippet of No.2 in the list:

2. Being self-centered and talking about yourself non stop.

We all do it from time to time, and, for many people, it’s about nerves and not knowing what to say. We all know about ourselves and think our lives are so interesting, but unfortunately they often aren’t.

If you want to create and maintain a good impression with others, step out of your own box and make yourself interested in them. Prepare in advance some questions you might ask them – try to use lots of ‘open’ and indirect questions to find out what things they like and dislike.

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