A day trip that will bring you closer

Much like the first date, the first day trip is part and parcel of the courtship process.

The key to a great day trip is a good destination / selection of activities. It should be an enjoyable experience for both people. With that in mind, here are some suggestions on where you could go and what you could do.

The coastal route

Summer may be fading but that doesn’t mean a day by the sea isn’t a good option – especially if either of you have pets. Beautiful views, long walks, a traditional British ice-cream, and a warm hot chocolate at the end of it all. This is really accessible too as the coast is usually no more that 70 miles away.


One place with thousands of possibilities: art galleries, museums, theatres, music venues, comedy, and restaurants. London is usually easy to reach by real and great for a day trip.

An agreed day course

A cookery class for example. This will show your positivity and enthusiasm for something you are both passionate about which is incredibly infectious. This type of day course also builds on the common ground you share.

Spending a full day together reveals the chemistry between people. If you have a great day in each other’s company it’s safe to say there is a solid foundation to any relationship.

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