Trust in Christian Love

Couples success stories – A story of Hope and Trust in Christian Love

I pray as l am writing my story that someone will be encouraged, as they read. This is our story, a story of hope and trust in Christian Love.

First and foremost l want to give all the glory to God Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth, the God who before the foundation of the ages ordained that l will meet my husband Mike through the wisdom that He gave to Katharine, the founder of Friends1st. Without this I would not have been able to tell our story of hope and trust in Christian Love.

I suddenly lost my husband in 2005 from an unexpected illness and was left with two grieving children, not to mention my own grief, anger and total confusion. At that time l wasn’t actively involved spiritually, though l was brought up in a Christian family. I would occasionally attend church services. At this stage I had lost my trust in Christian love and ever finding it again. 

The grief of losing my husband aged 45 and l aged 43, and my girls robbed of a loving dad, became too much to bear in a foreign country. We didn’t have any emotional, physical or spiritual support. I definitely didn’t want any man in my life, my first priority was to provide for the girls, to be mummy and daddy at the same time.

It was at that moment in my life that l felt this emptiness and began longing for something but l didn’t know what it was. It was the end of 2005, and I realised that Christ Jesus was what was missing in my life – The One who could fill that void and heal our brokenness.  l accepted Him into my life and I began serving the Lord through God’s grace.

In 2015, most of my friends, work colleagues, pastors and church members started quizzing me and encouraging me about meeting someone and moving on as the girls were growing and soon would be leaving home leaving me on my own. I started praying about it together with my loved ones and my pastors.

My prayer was “Only a man from your throne of grace Lord Jesus, according to Your will, not my will and in Your own time, for your timing is always perfect”.

In 2017, a friend told me about Friends1st, l had never heard of them.

He encouraged me to sign up but l was sceptical about online dating, but for some unknown reason l surprised myself by contacting Katharine and enquired about it. She was very open and explained to me that it is different from online dating, it is offline dating. Reluctantly l signed up, as l didn’t know the difference and l didn’t want to disappoint Katharine and waste her time.

The whole team was very friendly and helpful and arranged a photoshoot as l had not forwarded any photos. I didn’t go for it as l didn’t want anybody seeing who l am, just in case they knew me and l didn’t want to be seen to be advertising myself for men as a Christian woman.

As a member l was receiving profiles monthly and l was not doing anything with them. My excuse was, ‘l had no time to contact anybody or even respond to any emails, or taking any calls’, but at the same time, I was expecting to meet someone! For 3 months this went on, and one day Katharine called me and out of courtesy and to shut her up, l answered her call. I remember her very well saying to me THREE times, “l cannot believe this”, “you are paying so much money and you are not doing anything to make contact with potential partners or respond to our correspondence, how then do you expect to meet someone?”

Just to shut Katharine up and give her the impression that l am now doing something, l then picked up my latest envelope of profiles and went through them. On one profile there was a blurred photo of what looked like a very short man to me. He was a widow and was born near to where l lived, though it was unclear if he still lived there. I thought, l can send him an email, as we had something in common. I sent the email and l didn’t get a response for 3 weeks. By then, l was like, that is it, he didn’t like me, or worse, l didn’t have a photo on my profile. Then the fourth week l received a response from him, apologising for his late response as he was on holiday and didn’t have any internet to access his mail.

He had been a member for 2 months and had registered to go for a group lunch with Friends1st in one of the towns. He convinced me to come so we could meet in person in a safe environment. So I put my trust in him, l registered and drove for 2 hours to the venue and he didn’t turn up. I enjoyed the food and the atmosphere was lovely. The funny thing was, as his photo was not clear, l was looking at all the men there and wondering could he be this one, but after the meal and all the introductions l had not clocked that he had not attended as we were communicating by email. But from all the gentlemen who were there, none of them were what l was looking for. So l left disappointed on that front, but having enjoyed the interaction with everyone who was out there for the same reason.

When l got home, l had an email from him apologising as he could not make it last minute. This was in May 2017. We communicated by email, l wasn’t communicating with anyone else except him. We then met in person in July 2017, thank God for his persistence and patience. I am aware he had made contact with 3-4 ladies.

This is the man l call my husband today. My soulmate. We got married in 2019.Thank God for His faithfulness, which closed my physical eyes and opened my spiritual eyes which looked beyond my husband’s outward and l found a very rare diamond. He is tall, beautiful inside and out. Loves the Lord and is a loving father for my girls.

Why am l testifying about how l met my soulmate?

  1. To encourage anybody looking for a Christian partner. Please be aware that our faith varies. The main person is yourself, as you desire to meet someone or to get married, don’t go out there looking for your dream partner, the very first day you meet. It is friends 1st, foster that friendship and take it up from there.
  2. Pray for yourself, that the Lord may deal with you first instead of trying to change or mould that partner around your ways, but for yourself to lay down self and make your relationship work.
  3. Wait on the Lord and at the same time, as you pray, be specific to God on what it is you are looking for. He is a prayer answering God.
  4. Don’t lift your bar or expectations too high.
  5. Respect everyone and let God weed out those that are not for you. Not by your will, but by Your Might O God.
  6. Up to this day, it feels as if l am dreaming, but yes it was through Friend’s1st, that is Katharine’s vision, faith, ministry, and untiring encouragement that l am happily married to my husband. Thank you Katharine for your obedience with what God has put in your hands. I pray we remain obedient to His word and what it is that He has brought us together for.
  7. My life has been transformed, distance was not an issue, l have since relocated, new home, new job, new friends. God is faithfulness, He turned both our tears to joy.
  8. We are a testimony to our friends and those that knew our pain and sorrow and are ministering to those that had lost hope.
  9. Trust in Christian Love


As agreed with you Katherine, we would like to remain anonymous. Once again thank you very much. May God continue to strengthen you and increase you.  With all my love