A successful home dinner date

What do you cook? What do you do? Here are our tips on the minefield that can be the home dinner date.

Go Fresh…

If you have invited someone over for dinner and they have said yes they will be going to a lot of effort in travel, dressing up, & choosing wine – even saying yes can take a lot from a nervous dater. Make sure you go to an effort as well with a freshly cooked meal – show your skills and make this feel like a unique treat to your guest.

…but go with what you know.

That said, don’t be overly ambitious if you aren’t the most seasoned of chefs. A good starting point is Italian food. It is simple, tasty and filling. Also a recent pole by another dating site found that over 25,000 people said it is their first date food of choice.

Be considerate

Your guest may have an allergy, or particular dietary requirements. Ask them in advance – it show’s you’re considerate and you won’t have the embarrassment of them turning down your food.

Be prepared

This is meant to be a relaxed dinner date. Don’t spoil it by rushing around, being stressed, and potentially ruining your culinary endeavours. Be prepared, practice if necessary, and show your guest how cool you can be.

A Warm Welcome

You have invited a guest round into your home. This is an unfamiliar place to them and they may be nervous. Greet them at the door, take their coat, fetch them and drink, and make them feel welcome at all times. This is a small thing that will got a long way to their enjoyment of the evening.

What are your tips for culinary dinner date bliss? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook.

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