James in Peterborough asks……. 

I have contacted 5 people from my last set of profiles, only to discover that 3 of them are already in a relationship. Why did you send me their details?

Sarah says……. 

Thanks for highlighting this issue James; I do hear this comment quite often. There is a balance to be struck between acting like a big brother organisation, and insisting that we know all the ins and outs of every member’s activities, versus being an uninformed organisation, where the sending of non-current information can lead to upset and frustration. We would ask that, if a member finds themselves in a position where they are deciding to concentrate on one particular person, even in the early stages where you can’t know what the future holds, give us a call in the office to keep us up to date. Put the boot on the other foot for a moment – if you wanted to contact another member from their profile, you would maybe need to find your courage, invest something of yourself in making the contact, and for a lot of people this involves feeling a little vulnerable too. How dispiriting then to be told ‘I’m already seeing someone’.

Anything you tell us about potential developments stays as confidential as the rest of your information, we won’t shout it from the rooftops  or plaster it across the internet, but it will help us to manage the business of successfully matching our members, and that is surely in the best interest of everyone!!