As you may remember we have been working on an App for friends1st. This was due to be rolled out by the end of June 2020, but our amazing developers have been working around the clock to bring it forward and enable us to use it in a basic form now! I am pleased to say it is now ready and available for you to use to view your April profiles (and all going forward from here).

Let me reiterate what I have said before. The friends1st app is NOT a dating app. It can ONLY be used by paid up members of friends1st to view the profiles that they would have been sent by post. Correspondingly, you can not search to find any member of friends1st – you will only be able to find and view people we have selected for you.

So, in this respect, it is an electronic version of what you would normally receive in the post. It does however have the advantage of having the most up-to-date information on it, and the ability to contact people (by phone and email) at a click.

Update 19th May 2020. Our app has been temporarily taken down from the app store so you can’t download it f.* However it can still be accessed by phone/computer using the web address and the app IS available to download from there too. Read on.

If you don’t have a smart phone, then you can access the app on your computer by going to www.friends1stapp.co.uk

Please note carefully the web address of the app. It’s similar BUT different to the friends1st website address. You must put in the address correctly to access our app. The app is NOT on our website. It is found at www.friends1stapp.co.uk

Now here are INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING THE APP once you have got it. It’s designed to be very simple to use and we are sure you will find it so. It should be intuitive but just in case you need help using it, here are some further instructions. You will also find these in the HELP section of the app.

Open the App by clicking on the found ff icon on your phone screen.

You will need to log in. Your username is your six digit friends1st member ID.

The first time you log in you will need to click the ‘Register here’ text on the Login screen to enable you to create a password. You’ll be able to change this easily so don’t worry about forgetting it! 

 On the first page you’ll see our logo, and a blue bar below it containing an icon with your picture on one side and a menu bar (with three horizontal lines) on the other. These things stay at the top, whichever screen you are looking at.

Click the icon with your photo to view your own profile. Scroll up and down to see your full profile. This is also the place to change your password (scroll to the bottom of the page).

When you log in, your home screen will show people who you have ‘chatted’ with through the app.  The person you have chatted with most recently will show at the top, followed by others you have chatted with in the past.

If you have chatted with someone, then click on the picture here and you’ll be taken to that persons profile; if you click on the Name, Town, Box number you’ll then be taken to the chat screen.

If you want to come back to this screen at any time, hover over and click the friends1st logo top left of your screen.

Remember this is not a dating app so you can’t see who is logged on at any point, so if you want to use the chat facility with another member, you’d be wise to email or text them first to arrange a time to both be logged on together so that you can chat. If you don’t do this, you may find that the other person does not chat back – because they are not logged on and don’t  know you have send them a chat message. (We are working on the notifications for the chat system.)

At the bottom of every profile, you will see a button for ‘Start Chatting’. Click this to start the chat system with another member (but note the point above.)

Click the 3 bar menu at the top of the page to see PROFILES RECEIVED and select from the drop-down menu how you want to view them – e.g. by date sent to you, by name, by town, by preference or by region.

By preference: At the bottom of each profile is a drop-down option for you to select whether you want to contact this person or not. You can select Yes or No or Maybe. These preferences will be saved (click the save button below the choice you’ve made), and you can then view profiles by the choices you have made.

By date sent: To view the full profile either click the primary photograph or the little arrow on the right-hand side.

Once you have chosen how you want to view your profiles, and once you have clicked into one profile, you can then use the forward and backward arrows to move through your profiles.

You will find telephone numbers and email addresses are ‘dynamic’ so clicking on them will take you to your phone or email system. Click the back button to get back to the profile once this action has been taken.

I really hope you”ll like the app – and the versality it gives you. I will certainly be interested in your feedback. 


  • As soon as the app is up again in the playstore (which we hope won’t be long now) this is how you’ll access it

So here is how to access your profiles if you have an ANDROID phone:

On your phone, go to the Google Play store.

Search for Friends1st.

 NB. Type in Friends1st exactly like this: Friends1st i.e. all one word, with a capital F and 1st. You should recognise our blue and white  round ff logo. Install the app on your phone – it is free (to install and use). 

Once installed, go to where you phone keeps your apps and find the friends1st logo. I like to move my most used apps to my home screen. You might like to do this with our app. Open the App by clicking on the found ff icon on your phone screen.

Here is how to access your April profiles if you have an iPhone:

On your iPhone, open your Safari web browser. Navigate to www.friends1stapp.co.uk Once the page finishes loading, tap on the share screen and you’ll then see the ‘Add to home screen’ icon. Tap on this, name it (i.e. ff app) and you’ll find it has been added to your phone’s home screen. (You can then move this icon to wherever you want it to be placed.) Once your icon is there, you can just tap it to log into our app.

(For a YouTube demonstration of this go to https://youtu.be/x1298MHvtmE)

If you don’t have an Android or iPhone – here’s how to access your profiles on your computer: