Are you a good judge?

by | Jun 18, 2013 | Making the most of dating membership | 0 comments


If I rang you up today and asked you if you were a good judge of the people whose profiles we  send you, I can bet £100 your answer would be Yes.

It is the answer we get every single time we talk to our members on the phone about the profiles we’ve sent them.
But I can assure you…. and watch out here because you’re going to think “This doesn’t apply to me…. I’m an exception here”….. you are wrong!
It’s impossible to judge another person by their profile. Yes you can get the vaguest of ideas about them – the main one being can they sell themselves well or not. Beyond that you can tell very very little.
The sooner you understand, believe and act on this truth the sooner you will make good progress in finding your soulmate.
Because you see, 99% of people in the dating world don’t contact the people they could BECAUSE they’ve judged them on a few short lines of text. And therefore they miss out on who that person really is.
Time and time again friendsfirst members (who’ve married) tell us that if the person they married hadn’t contacted them first, then they would never have met “because I didn’t like their profile”. See what I mean. It was very near miss. Such happiness, love, joy and companionship nearly forgone because “they didn’t like the profile” and yet when they met – oh how they liked the person! I promised you with all my heart the same is true for you.
If you judge people on their profiles you ARE missing someone who could be just right for you.
Of course there are lots of people we send you who aren‘t right for you… but you don’t  know which ones are right and which ones aren’t until you’ve contacted them all.
Think you are different? Of course you do…… you continue to think that way and chances are you’ll miss the person who is right for you.
Realise you can’t judge profiles….. so contact people anyway….. chances are you’re going to meet a lot of lovely people and one will be the one for you.
It’s your choice.