Are you getting the response you want female cheering
Today I want to ask you if you are getting the response you want from the people you are contacting?

OK so this assumes one very big thing – that you ARE making contact with others! If you aren’t making the first move and aren’t making contact with others, then this email is going to be wasted on you. But let’s assume you are. You’re sending emails and letters and making phone calls to other members.

If you aren’t getting the response you want – or aren’t getting any response at all, then you need to take a good look at what you are doing.

Let me ask you some more questions.

Are you giving the people you contact enough reason to contact you back? (and saying ‘I hope you’ll write back’ is NOT enough!)
Are you being interesting enough about yourself?
Are you showing sufficient interest in the person you’re contacting?
Are you offering them any reason to get back in touch with you?

It might be as simple as sharing an interest – or making a comment about a shared hobby or interest – or it might be that you raise a topic of conversation, make a comment and ask for their opinion. Done in the right way it’s hard NOT to respond to something like this.

Setting out your stall and just hoping that making contact is a good enough effort that should elicit a response is NOT the case. It’s NOT enough. Keep doing this and you’ll soon think that everyone else is uninterested and uninteresting – which won’t be true.

Be interesting yourself, be interested in others yourself, be different, and be thoughtful and you’ll soon find the response you get from the contacts you make gets better and better.

This isn’t rocket science, but it does need a little thought and some effort… which will pay great rewards I promise.