Christian stranger

Dating Advice – How to find out if a Christian stranger is single or not


We are always encouraging members to get out to as many social events as they can with the view to meeting new people. There are so many opportunities to do this – whether in Christian circles or non Christian circles.  But when approaching a Christian stranger of the opposite sex, how do you find out if they are single and not start a conversation with someone who turns out to be married?

Because single people don’t go around with a sticker on their head saying ‘I’m single’ do they?  So it can seem really hard to find this information out,  but actually a few carefully chosen questions can really help here.

So let us imagine you are at a new church and are mingling with people at the end of the service. You see a Christian stranger who looks nice and you think you would like to start a conversation with them.  So go up to them and start the conversation with

“Hello, how do you do? I’m (your name). Are you here today with your wife/husband?”

It’s the sort of opening that the church’s Welcome Team might make – and no-one will be any the wiser that you are not actually part of the Welcome Team. You will either get the answer “Yes she/he is over there” or something like “No I’m not married I’m here on my own” which is exactly the information you want.

Once you have that from the Christian stranger you know where you stand and can take the conversation forward appropriately.  Try practising this in a supermarket. Engage someone in light hearted conversation and then pop that question in. You’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes when you know where you stand in relation to their marital status, and once you’ve practised this sort of question in a supermarket you will have no problem doing it where it matters – like in church or at another social situation.