Yesterday we dealt with easy cooking when you invite someone over for a home dinner date.

Today let’s look at a few basics of what to do when you have been invited over for dinner,

Bring something to the table

Whether it’s a bottle, or the classic flowers. This small token of appreciation for your hosts hospitality will show how thoughtful and generous you are.

Dress up

You may be in someone else’s home but don’t go too casually dressed. Smart casual is our go to option that shows that your acknowledging their effort by making one yourself.

Don’t be early

This isn’t a job interview. Your host may be on a tight schedule to prepare the perfect dinner, the last thing they need is you arriving early while they are still getting ready.


If you think the food’s good, let your host know. Same goes for how they look. A genuine compliment can really settle the nerves if someone feels under pressure as a host.

Most of all, be polite and talkative, make your host glad they invited you.

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