Now there’s one more thing!

Are you the loveliest person you can be?

 It’s all very well making sure don’t do certain things but if you’re not the loveliest person you can be, then you’re not going to be attracting everyone you could be.

Which is why we’d like to offer you the chance to read a fabulous book called

How to Be The One
How to be the One

The ‘How to Be The One’ is for all men and women who take relationships seriously and who want to ensure that anyone they meet will be stopped in their tracks by the lovely person you are.



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Feedback on Be the One Book

The features editor of a high-circulation women’s magazine in the UK (330,000 readers) read an advanced copy of the Be the One book and wrote the following:

“I really enjoyed the book – thought it was very inspirational and, as so often is the case in profound words, the central premise is delightfully simple (ie. We want a list of ‘nice’ character traits in those around us without bothering to check if we’ve got them in ourselves…!)

What readers are saying about this book

“I’ve read a lot of relationship books over the years. This one is different. I learned LOADS, especially about my emotional fitness. Thank you.” Nita

 “I have been in a relationship for three years. He’s a lovely guy but I found myself feeling more and more irritated by him. I read this book and got a shock. I realised it was me not him. He’s The One. I now want to make sure I’m The One for him.” Emma

 “I LOVE the Daily Stop and Start Reminders. What a great idea.” Becky

 “…made me think about what I want from a long-term partner and how I can be a more considerate person to her too.  All I have to do now is meet her!” Paul

 “…very impressed by the amount of research. It’s a fabulous read and well thought out and structured… it certainly takes the reader on a voyage of self discovery… for me it is your personal stories I particularly enjoyed.”  Trish