Are you Searching for the Best Christian Dating Sites

Best Christian dating sites HeartsIf you want to find a long term partner who shares your Catholic/Christian faith and you are searching on-line to find a website that will help you meet the right sort of people, you would be wise to know in advance what criteria you would judge a site by to discover if it is a really good or even the Best Christian Dating site.

You see there are 1000s of dating sites on-line and plenty that purport to be Christian – but many of these so called Christian sites are Christian in name only and certainly are not the sort of site you want to be spending your time and money on if you are looking for true Christians. We are not knocking the on-line dating industry here. Rather stating facts which many people don’t know. The way many on-line sites operate is that they are part of a mass of linked sites purporting to serve niche interests – for example people interested in cycling, rugby, veganism, Christians, cars – you name it – any interest you can imagine. All these sites have different ‘home’ pages and names – but they all filter through to a mass database. This is how sites can look like they are very popular and full of people. But if you join one that you think is especially for Christians, you may well find yourself connecting with people who have joined a site for cycling. Maybe this wouldn’t bother you but I  know it would me – especially if I was looking to meet someone of a specific faith.

100s of sites come up if you search for the best Christian Dating sites but just because a site has the word Christian in its title (or subtitle) or even on it’s homepage, absolutely does not mean that it is a Christian site (or even one of the best)! Shocking perhaps but very true. Read on for some home truths but first here are the things you should be asking if you are looking for the Best Christian Dating Sites:

Is the site a genuine Christian site?

What we mean here is, is the site run and owned by people (and more ideally Christians themselves) whose specific aim is to assist Christians/Catholics to meet each other? Can you find out about them (the owners/operators)? Can you contact anyone to speak to about the site and find out what sort of site it is? If the answer is no, be wary. Things are hidden on-line for a reason.

Does the site only accept Christians?

This is important if you want to meet someone who shares your faith. If the site accepts all types of people (of all faiths and none), then you are going to waste a HUGE amount of time trying to weed out the non-Christians/non-Catholics from everyone else. This is going to be a very frustrating process. Better to find a site that only accepts Christians (of all denominations) even if that site has fewer numbers than the mega sites (like Match.com) because you will know that every person on that site has the basic requirements you are looking for (i.e. each person will have a Christian faith).

How does the site verify that people are Christian? And how does it do this?

            Is it simply a matter of ticking a box asking you if you have a Christian faith (all sites in fairness ask people about religion – so this does not really count!) Or does the site really want to know about people’s faith (because all the members want to know) and does the site have any sort of feedback loop between members to weed out the people who should not be on the site (if they are not really Christians).

How successful are the people who join the site?

You need to find out if people who join the site make new friends (in real life) and get married. Shockingly, there are plenty of sites (and daters) who have no intention of meeting in real life – but use dating sites (and apps) as a form of entertainment. If that is what you are looking for – that’s fine – but a site that has plenty of people getting married through it, most likely only wants to attract people who are dating for a purpose – i.e. to meet someone with similar aims – and in the long term find new friends and get married.

Needless to say friendsfirst is the sort of site we are talking about as being a truly genuine and one of the best Christian Dating Sites (although we operate our service completely off–line). We only offer our service to Christians, we are not affliliated to any other organisation, we have been operating since 1999 and we have had hundreds of people get married through us. Please browse the rest of the site to check us out, fill in the form below or give us a call – we would love to talk to you about our service.

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