Biblical teaching on Christian Dating

Biblical teaching on Christian Dating

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Is there any Biblical teaching on Christian dating?

As a Christian you probably want to know what the Bible has to say about dating in general and particularly about Christian Dating. Does the Bible have anything to say about using a third party (like a dating agency) to help you find a soul mate? Is God is happy for us to look for someone special using this method? In short is there any Biblical teaching Christian Dating from whatever aspect you approach it from?

These are valid questions and the good news is that the Bible does have a lot to teach us about Christian Dating! Look closely and you will find Biblical Teaching  on Christian Dating. So let’s take a look.

Of course the Bible has huge amounts to say about relationships, but in particular the relationship of a man and woman coming together in marriage  – and more importantly the process by which that can take place. This is illustrated beautifully in two particular stories. By looking at and reflecting on these stories we can be encouraged;we can confirm our question that yes there is Biblical teaching Christian Dating, we can see how God can help us today, and we can take confidence that should we decide to use a third party dating agency to search for a partner, that this is completly part of Biblical teaching Christian Dating.

So let’s have a look at some very direct Biblical teaching Christian Dating: AGENTS AT WORK

The two Biblical stories of Isaac and Rebekah, and Ruth and Boaz, are beautiful illustrations of how two couples were brought together through the help of an intermediary. In the case of Isaac and Rebekah it was a trusted servant, and for Ruth and Boaz it was a mother-in-law.

There can be no doubt that these two couples had God’s blessing on their relationship even as they were brought together by a third party.

Firstly we will take a look at the story of Isaac and Rebekah as found in the early part of the Bible in Genesis 24. Take a few moments to read the story for yourself.

Abraham is old and concerned to see his son Isaac married before he dies. His highly regarded servant is entrusted with the task of being an ‘intermediary’ and as such is given instructions to travel to their home country to find the right young woman for Isaac. Verse 7 makes it clear that this was in God’s plan and done under God’s guidance as the servant sets out on his mission.

He takes his task very seriously, totally depending on God to reveal His will, and with heartfelt prayer he asks God to lead him to the right woman.

When he eventually arrives at his destination he prays again for guidance. Rebekah appears at the well where he is resting and offers him water to drink, also generously giving water to his camels. Through experiencing her gentle, thoughtful character, he sees that she could be the woman God has chosen for Isaac.

He must be sure so proceeds carefully.

He is invited to stay with Rebekah’s family and explains the purpose of his journey. The family readily accept this as part of God’s purposes and when Rebekah is asked by her family “Will you go with this man?” her response is, “I will go”.

God’s will for both Isaac and Rebekah’s future life together is brought about by this servant’s faithfulness. His duties were carried out under God’s direction, giving His assurance to all involved, that this is His plan.

What is clear is that although God was fully involved in the process, a third party had to be relied upon to effect the meeting of Isaac and Rebekah. Prayer alone would NOT have brought them together.  This is classic Biblical teaching Christian Dating.

Secondly, we look at the story from the book of Ruth. Again take time to read the story in full for yourself.

This story centres on Ruth and Boaz with Naomi having the important role as intermediary in their lives.

Briefly, Naomi leaves Moab and returns to her homeland Judah with her daughter-in-law Ruth, both grieving the loss of their husbands. They make a home together near Bethlehem where Ruth dutifully loves and cares for her mother-in-law.

At harvest time Ruth seeks to provide food by gleaning barley in a nearby field, belonging to Boaz. When she returns home and tells of how she had been treated well and protected from harm by the owner Boaz, Naomi is delighted, and she recalls that he is a distant relative. A plan is put into place to bring Ruth and Boaz together. There is no suggestion of ‘love at first sight’, the emphasis throughout is on their caring, compassionate natures which eventually drew them together.

It will be helpful to read the following Bible passages as we look at Naomi’s intermediary role as she guides these two people together.

Firstly, Naomi had a plan (3:1-4) which was in accordance with the culture and customs of the day. Her aim was to gently guide Ruth into finding favour with Boaz. The plan is well thought out, in her daughter-in-law’s interest and importantly, it ensured Ruth’s protection.

Secondly, Ruth trusted Naomi (3:5).  She has confidence that this was the right way forward and she was able to rely on Naomi’s wisdom and experience.

And thirdly, their union was blessed by others (4:11-12).The people who knew and supported Boaz and Ruth gave their blessing to them. They saw how Boaz carefully consulted with others and put things to the test before he could take Ruth as his wife. These are all things you’d want to ensure are in place in your developing relationships.

We have the assurance that this was all within the will of God, for in years to come, King David would be their descendent as would Jesus whose earthly father Joseph was descended from David’s line. (Matt.1:16) You don’t get better Biblical teaching on Christian Dating than this story.

Moving on

The Christian ‘agency,’ acting as intermediary, carries out the process of linking people together prayerfully and considerately, being fully aware of the responsibility they have in that process of protecting and guiding those under their care. This takes time and requires prayerful planning and patience on all sides as there may be set backs along the way.

As a Christian you may feel that the possibility of meeting someone to share your life with is very remote.  This does not have to be the case. Under the prayerful guidance of God, and through the intermediary, an accepted part of our culture today, you can confidently seek the help you need.

Be assured that you are not stepping outside God’s will by seeking this help in this way. These stories wouldn’t be in the Bible if using a third party to find your soul mate was not part of God’s plan for your life. Finally in all things remember God will be there to guide you at every stage as you take your steps and press on.

You can study the Bible yourself to find more Biblical teaching Christian Dating. Particularly focus on the concepts of finding a partner. Note the word finding! This is an active word – not a passive word like waiting around for God to find you someone. Once you start thinking in the right way about Christian Dating (as opposed to secular dating) you will soon find a huge amount of Biblical teaching  Christian Dating – because the Bible is all about relationships and Christian Dating is nothing but doing relationships the way God wants us to. So your Bible is your No. 1 place to find Biblical teaching Christian Dating – though you obviously find ‘Christian Dating’ as a Chapter heading!

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