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The nature of service is personal. What we mean by this is that we talk to all our enquirers – it’s the beginning of our relationship with you. That’s why we ask for your telephone number on this form – and we’ll use it to give you a quick call to introduce ourselves. You see with us it’s personal… we’re not a bunch of geaks controlling a massive online dating site that’s impersonal and often full of spammers, fraudsters and fakes. You want to know that we are real human beings that care about our service. We want to know you that are a genuine individual. So if we can’t get hold of you, then please understand that a brochure won’t be posted out.

I welcomed your support. Joining Friends First totally exceeded my expectations. I joined expecting nothing to happen and have had a wonderful year. Thank you for you help with this.


“I got lots of help with my membership when I joined and I was very happy – I’m going to rejoin”

(Kim )

“Your organisation stands out a mile from the others – it has far exceeded my expectations. I’ve met some really lovely ladies including June who is an absolute treasure”

(Andrew, Analyst)

“ Katharine your marketing has definitely worked. Each time I get something from you I think am I going to miss out? You have got the marketing absolutely right I […]