Michael asks……… 

Lizzy, I’ve had someone contact me that I don’t want to contact back. Can I say that I’m in a relationship? 

Lizzy says………. 

Thanks for asking that Michael – I’m really glad you’ve asked me that because we hear all the time that certain members have told other members that they’re in a relationship and yet we’re pretty sure they aren’t – and they are certainly still receiving profiles from us.

It’s our belief that quite a few members do say to other members that they’re in a relationship as an easy way of stopping further contact between them. We understand that this is an easy way of stopping contact but to be quite honest it’s really underhand – let alone a lie – if of course it’s not true.

I know it’s hard to say to someone who’s contacted you that you don’t think you are interested in them, but there are ways of saying it that let the other person down gently and that end up with you having much greater integrity and self respect.

If you are genuinely in a relationship with someone, then please let us know – so we can temporary put your membership on hold. It’s only fair all round to everyone – and most importantly to the person you’re in a relationship with.

And if you haven’t found that special person yet, then please do not lie saying you have. Not only is this totally unethical but also it puts us in a difficult position when that person then asks us why your profile is still being sent out if you’re in a relationship.

Sorry to be black and white on this Michael – but it’s better all round to be honest with other members.