John in Manchester asks……..

What the point of having a professional photo shoot, surely I can use my own pictures?

Ella says……………

We like to be able to make the most of your profile as much as you do. The question you have to ask yourself is ‘What is the first thing you look at when you receive a profile?’ The answer in most cases is the photos!

Creating the right first impression is critical in the dating game, you can certainly use your own photos, however by using a professional photographer you can make sure all the technical details are taken care of. Who needs to worry about lighting, creating the right scene, red eyes and blurry lines when you can leave this to a professional! All you need to do is have fun, relax and smile at the camera. Photographers can guide you on the best position for you to sit or stand, where to look and give you an independent opinion on which they think are best. We all know we are own worst critics when looking and deciding between photos of ourselves.

Of course the most important thing is having fun whilst you are doing it. Having a professional photo shoot is a good excuse to drag out the glad rags and you could even share them with family members if you like them that much.

….. I hope this helps. Ring me on 01789 54 90 54 if you’d like me to arrange one for you