Changes to profiles

You may have noticed that the way we display the profiles that are sent to you is different as we’ve decided to make some positive changes to profiles.  Up until recently at the top of a profile we displayed the member’s Age, Height, Nationality and Build.

We have taken these ‘descriptions’ off for now.

We have done this because we felt that many members may be making decisions on whether to contact another member based on this information – which at the end of the day isn’t necessarily very helpful.

Be assured that everyone we send you IS in the age criteria that you have selected. Given that is the case, do you really need to know how old they are? Not really. What you need to find out is what their character is like – and whether you have anything in common. Age, height, nationality and build don’t tell you anything about character.

Another reason we’ve taken them out is because hundreds of the people who’ve got married through us, have married someone that is of an age, or height, or nationality or build that at some point in their membership they told us they did NOT want and would NOT contact. Then they have either changed their mind and contacted them, or the other person has initiated contact – and the end result is marriage.

We think it’s in your interests that we take out things in the profile that help you deselect other members – and therefore HELP you contact more members – because as surely as night follows day, the more people you contact the likely you are to find your ONE. The story of Barry and Rebecca in this issue is a testament to that.

We may go back to including Age, Height, Nationality and Build in the profiles in the future – but for now try enjoying NOT having this information and see how you get on.

There may be some pleasant surprises out there for you!