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Before you join any membership organisation (whether it’s Christian dating, the National Trust, the RSPB, or any other similar organisation) you are sensible and wise if you look into what the different membership levels offer. The lowest or cheapest level isn’t necessarily the right one for you, nor is the top or most expensive necessarily right. You need to do your research and choose your membership so that it best fits your needs, your budget and what you want to get from it.

We aim to help you choose your membership by detailing exactly what is included in each of our packages. You can see it all clearly laid out in our membership tables or if you would rather have it explained to you in person you can watch the short video below, which also aims to help you choose your membership that will be best for you. And of course we welcome you calling us for a chat about how to choose your membership correctly.

We are all unique. One size does not fit all so read and watch carefully to make the best decision you can.

If you are still not sure which membership level is best for you then you might find the comments below from past members useful, in again helping you choose your membership.

Watch the above video about our 4 membership options, to help you decide which one could be best for you. If you would rather read what our members say about our service read on for testimonials below

“I was a little sceptical about joining friends1st, this was mainly because I’ve been on previous so called Christian dating sites and even other non Christian dating sites in the UK and found the people on them not be real Christians.  The people I would meet would not be looking for a wholesome Christian relationship and in some cases, they were looking for the wrong things.   Due to my previous experiences I had almost decided to give up the search for a partner,then a random google search brought up friends1st.  Upon looking into this organisation, I noticed that it was a different, there was a different approach, it’s different to a usual online approach, so I decided to give it a go.  It appeared to be a more personal approach which influenced my decision to join.  So far, my interactions with friends1st have been very good.  I have had videos of other members experiences, I have received regular text messages.  I have found friends1st to be very informative, keeping you up to date and have very gratefully received responses to all my emails/questions.  I have had various email contacts which have been very good and had contact by telephone.  Now that I’ve joined friends1st and taken that plunge, I am feeling excited and looking forward to what the Lord has in store for me.  I wish I had taken this decision in the beginning, I feel joyful and hopeful that I’ve made the right move.    I would recommend your service to anyone who asked me about it.  I would glady tell them about my positive experiences so far and let them know that there is always someone there on the end of the line, which is a comfort.” (Jodie – November)

“It is true to say that since I joined, the incredibly positive communications I have received from you have engaged me in the whole process as I am aware I am looking for a needle in a haystack.  I know I have to give God all the help I can to fulfil His purpose for me.  I am therefore very committed.” (Alicia Oct)

“The reason I decided to join you is your ethos for helping people find a partner ie your focus on making friends first. My first interaction with friendsfirst has been they seem genuine in helping you in any way they can. I also get the impression that the staff belive in what you are doing and are proud to be part of it. I feel I will find a true soul mate at the end of this journey.” (Philip October)

“I’d been pondering about joining an online dating agency over the years but always felt a check in my spirit that this wasn’t what God wanted me to be doing at those particular times. Recently I became more intent about finding a marriage partner, someone special with whom I can share my life and my walk with Christ. I prayed about joining friendsfirst; I’d seen an advert in a “Woman Alive” magazine some years ago and after doing some more research had a very good first impression. It seemed more personal than the online dating sites and more godly somehow. I had more money by now and felt it was right to go ahead with the membership. The team have been excellent and have kept in touch over these first couple of months by phone and via email. These interactions have been very informative, supportive and encouraging. I’ve been treated with respect and have been made to feel very welcome as a new member and not treated like an odd bod just because I don’t have anyone in my life at the moment. I’ve made contact with a few members, some haven’t got back to me and I’ve made friends with two other guys and we exchange emails quite regularly. There is no romance in the air just yet. I must be patient and persistent. Thank you for all your help and encouragement. ” (Danie October)

“I have been toying with friends1st for a couple of years now. Saying that I was sceptical is a under understatement. In my mind a dating agency is a dating agency. I decided to take the plunge because I have been on a few “Christian” dating sites, as well as the usual commercial ones over the years and very soon got bored with the whole concept of the sites. I decided to join friends1st eventually after having experiences with conmen, which thankfully I picked up right from the beginning, and I just thought seriously!!!! if this is what its all about, then I am not playing this game any more. I neither have the time nor the inclination to waste on the ridiculousness of these situations.

I got an email from friends1st who never appeared to give up on me (almost secretly knowing) that what I needed was a different and more accurate angle to 21st century  . I eventually picked up the courage and make THE call. Katharine telephoned me and I had an in depth  conversation with her, and straight away got a different perspective. I knew that whatever I was doing on the commercial sites was totally unproductive and quite frankly a little demeaning, especially for someone of my age. Even after talking to her I was hesitant, then something in my little pea brain just clicked, and I just went for it. Now I am very excited, am having my photo shoot soon, already planned my outfits and of course practising my smile,  you know the one, that will grab someone’s attention, and start my adventure. By the time you read this I will probably be well on my to life’s journey, so hey watch this space.

I have already spoken to two of my friends about friends 1st so who knows. maybe one day we will be taking this road together and enjoying riding into the sunset in our twilight years, looking forward to meeting the one who is out there  – waiting!!! just as I am. Good Luck to you all, the step you take to go for it is well worth it. With friends 1st and God’s Blessing who can go wrong?  Many thanks to the team for all your encouragement and patience.  (Pam,  October)

“Greetings to all and thank you for your good wonderful works. My testimonial is that friends1st is a safe and effective way to meet a life time partner to make both persons happy. I have read every bodies testimonial and I believe in them. A friend of mine told me about friends1st and although it took me a long time to join now I have done it I am seriously looking for my lifetime partner. I know she in friends1st  and she is waiting and I am waiting also. (Kirk,  October)

“My friends had been badgering me for sometime to try internet dating on any o fthe dating sites found in the UK but I was concerned about safety. Finally, I decided to give Friends1st a try as I thought it would be safer and there is someone to talk to if I had concerns….the internet is so impersonal. I also thought that members would be genuine and, as Christians, would have similar values. My first contact was with Ella and she was so kind and reassuring ( I hope she and baby are doing well). I am still quite nervous about the whole experience but am hoping to make some new friends along the way.”  (Christine, October)

“I was certainly sceptical about joining a dating agency mainly because I had dipped my toe into internet dating before and had become rather disillusioned abut finding anyone who was possibly ‘right ‘ for me.  I was a member of Christian and secular internet dating groups, but what attracted me to Friends1st was the way in which a personal interest was taken, and it seemed that a real effort would be made not only to make positive introductions, but also to really understand what  I was looking for and how much I had already done to help myself.  I decided to take the plunge and join you because as soon as I expressed a little interest,  I had such a lot of interest from you which made me feel very positive about joining. Also I figured that if people were prepared to pay the required fees, then they would certainly be serious about all this. I was particularly influenced to join after watching videos of other people’s stories. It was inspirational to hear how they had got on. My first interactions with your company have been very positive, I almost feel like ‘part of the family’ now!  I spoke to you Katharine before I joined, and I immediately felt that you really understood what all this is about an you gave me lots of suggestions that I should try out whether I joined or not. I would recommend this service to others because it is run very professionally but it also manages to keep a very personal touch.” (Jan August)

“I was a little sceptical about joining a dating agency again as I had a bad experience years ago. However, over the years I have followed Friends1st and now that my financial situation is a little easier, I could at last join. Your newsletters and inspiring stories have sustained me over the years and thought what a lovely bunch of people you are at Friends1st and also the people you have found happiness through you. I did not speak at length before you (Katharine Gray) called me, but on the phone you sounded ‘my kind of person’ consequently I signed up on the spot. I am feeling excited at the new possibilities that will come my way. I would definitely recommend this service and have passed on your details over the years. For people of faith (however they take it) and those that are lonely, timid or not knowing how to start again, this is the sort of organisation  I would and do recommend. I am so thrilled and pleased to now be able to experience what you have to offer.” (Susan, August)

“I would recommend friends1st to others because of the excellent way you help Christian folk to move on. I joined because meeting ladies with a Christian faith is important to me.” (Michael, August)

“Friends1st is professional and experienced” (Theresa, August)

“I was sceptical about joining a dating agency because I believed that if God had a husband for me, he would provide me with one without any outside help. Also despite what I’ve just said, I’d tried online dating in the past and found it very superficial. I decided to take the plunge to join you after really wrestling with God about it. I’d seen an advert for friends1st many years ago and thought it was different from the rest, very genuine and run in a godly manner, I was feeling very lonely and longing for that special relationship and as I reached out to God I felt assured that some outside help would be okay. I watched the testimonials on your website about married couples who’d met through friends 1st and was encouraged to give it a go.  When I had my over the phone consultation Katharine put me at my ease and made me feel comfortable talking about meeting guys. I was able to share how I felt and it was great to be open.I’m feeling a mixture of things. I’m praying that if God wants to use frinds1st to enable me to meet my potential future husband that I’ll be confident in His will and His timing. I’m nervous but expectant. Lets see what God wants to do! I will recommend your service to a friend of mine who’s in a similar situation as me.” (Danielle, August)

”I had previously not felt this was not for me. Looking for someone on line seemed an act of desperation. I had been thinking and praying about it on and off for a long time but it was something my bible study lead said that triggered me to join.  He quoted that it is a good thing for a man to find a good wife.  He followed this by reminding us that waiting for the right person to come alone requires us to find them. My first interaction with your team was interesting.  I received a phone call from a lovely man (membership manager) who I felt like I had known for sometime . It was strange I found myself telling him things I would not tell a stranger.” (Yvonne, July)

“I decided to take the plunge to join Friendsfirst mainly because I have been doing, for the past four months Internet dating…the normal way. Even though the dating site was supposed to be one of the best dating sites in the UK, it has been such an appalling experience, that Friendsfirst with its personal and more normal approach, seemed to be a wonderful way forward. I was initially, on reading about Friendsfirst, a little skeptical as I was concerned that your focus was towards fundamentalistic type Christianity and that  I would be told that all I had to have..was…faith, and to be careful of what I was believing! This has proved ….most definitely….not to be so!  My immediate impressions of Friendsfirst, upon phoning them was what a lovely group of warm and normal and professional people, running a much needed business! There has been no hype! I spoke to Ella first and just her warmth and non suspicious approach encouraged me to join! I feel very pragmatic about this journey. I am very aware that it is a process and it will require commitment from myself and probably a great deal of” hard work” , and the willingness to be flexible and not too prescriptive! Changing myself and my comfort zones might well be part of the process. But being 60 , I realise that I do not want to live my retirement years alone and to that  end I really have no choice! On the other side, it is very exciting! Certainly a new venture and who knows what God has in store for me and what amazing people I might meet! However, I am not prepared to hurry the process. I want to enjoy it and learn from it too! I certainly would recommend Friendsfirst, mainly because if their approachability and warmth and normality and because they are at the end of a phone…..any time. This, in today’s world is really amazing. You, hence, do not feel alone in your adventure! There is always a person to understand and who does not judge! Thank you!” (Jane, July)

“I was sceptical about joining a dating agency because I much prefer to meet people naturally, rather than a feeling of ‘selling’ yourself. I decided to take the plunge and join Friends First because all that I had read and heard about it was good, and having tried internet dating, I decided it was worth a try. The main thing that influenced my decision to join you was the fact that there was a commitment for a year, so anyone who was not serious would not be bothered to join. I have found your company to be attentive, friendly and certainly persistent, but also full of good advice. I spoke to Katharine before joining and found her advice helpful and encouraging. I am looking forward to seeing what my profile looks like. I would recommend this to any other friends who were looking to start a new relationship.” (Jan,  July)

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“I’ve never done anything like this before. I really like how everything is set out on your website and brochure –  it’s very encouraging, I’m really looking forward to  joining.”

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