The importance of having a true Christian connection with your partner

If you take your Christian faith seriously and it is an important part of your life, then understandably you will want to share your life with a fellow Christian. Finding someone with whom you can have a real Christian connection with will possibly be more important to you than any other criteria. Because ultimately as a Christian, if you don’t have that Christian connection with the person you are sharing your life with, then life is going to be fairly problematical.

This philosophy is at the heart of friends1st and one of the key reasons Katharine Gray established friends1st in 1999 with its focus on helping Christians meet other Christians. As a keen Christian herself Katharine knew she wanted to meet and marry someone who had a Christian faith and someone who would understand her Christian faith and help and support her in living that faith. Despite boyfriends who understood and accepted her faith, what she discovered was, that unless they had a real faith of their own, it was impossible to have a deep and meaningful Christian connection with them. For example, if you don’t share a Christian connection with your partner, then who do you thank (together) when life is going really well? If you want and need God’s help in times of trouble, being with someone who doesn’t share your faith, makes it hard to stand before God together in whatever it is you are praying for.

Having a true Christian connection with another person is far more than them simply acknowledging and accepting your faith. To have a proper Christian connection with another person means that they too believe in God, in the saving power of Jesus, and resulting life that flows from this belief. It means that your beliefs will change the way you live your life, the decisions you take, the way to relate to others, the way you spend your money, the way you spend your time. These are all big things and they will have a serious impact on your life!

And that is why having a true Christian connection with a n other person is completely different to sharing similar interests, or coming from the same background, or getting together because you both have the same goals in life. All of those things may well be good but they are completely different to having that Christian connection – because in the later, the living God is involved – and that changes everything!

Having said that, simply having a Christian connection with someone else might not be ALL you need to make a relationship work. Obviously you are probably not going to be attracted or drawn to every Christian – just because they are a Christian however much you share your faith with them. So you can’t join an organisation like friends1st and think that just because you’re going to meet 100% Christians, you are going to like them all. Sadly that’s not how it works. However knowing that everyone you meet will be a Christian is definitely the right place to start. Because if you try and find someone who shares all your interests, has the same or similar background to you etc etc and then see if they have that Christian connection with you that you are looking for, there’s going to be a lot of heartbreak along the way. Trust us, we’ve been there!

So if meeting a fellow Christian is important to you because having that Christian connection is important to you (well it’s part of our faith isn’t it), then searching for them through an organisation like friends1st is a really wise thing to do. You know everyone you meet is a fellow Christian – even if they don’t have other attributes that you may be looking for. So now we’ve cleared that all up… please look around the rest of the site. We hope you’ll like what you find – and if you’d like to talk to us in person further either about the importance of having that Christian connection, or anything else to do with finding your partner as a Christian, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0121 405 0675.

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