Prayer for the day with an image of a singer / songwriter

Prayer for the day

I was really struck by this Prayer for the Day which I heard on the radio (BBC 4) by Rabi Rubenstein. “As a young boy, I had my entire life mapped out. I decided that I was going to become an elite guitarist in a band. Although Jimmy Hendrix and…


Grace by Sheila JacobsGrace by Sheila Jacobs

I’m always amazed at the way Jesus treated people with such grace. I have often spoken (and written) about the woman at the well’s encounter with Jesus (see John 4), but it’s interesting to look at the way He dealt not just with strangers, but…


Something Better

Something Better

I love the stories of Jesus in the Gospels. Jesus doesn’t change; He treats people today as He treated them when He walked the earth. So we can learn about how God interacts with us by looking at how Jesus interacted with people on a daily basis….

Being Still by Sheila Jacobs

Being Still by Sheila Jacobs

Recently, I was spending some time with the Lord and I saw ‘a picture’. Sometimes God does speak to us in dreams, visions and ‘pictures’, and so I took notice of what I was ‘seeing’. I saw a pretty cottage at first. But then I noticed that someone had built a bus…

Journey two people walking following a landrover and a lady is on the back

The Journey – By Sheila Jacobs

Recently, I was asked to go on a walk with a friend. Now, this wasn’t just an ‘ordinary’ walk. This was a proper walk. An organised one. And it was advertised as ‘five and a half miles’. That seemed like a journey! Having some…


Walking backwards to ChristmasWalking backwards to Christmas

Walking Backwards to Christmas gives you a new and grown-up perspective on the Nativity story you first encountered in school and church Nativity plays. Stephen Cottrell gets you back into the real meaning of the childhood story simply…