Spirit Radio LogoValentines Day

Spirit Radio were keen to encourage their listeners with a loving message for Valentines Day and it was a priviledge to be invited back onto the show to talk to Wendy Grace. We talked about how for some people Valentines Day is a hard day with all the focus on couples being together, and the commercialism of it all. But of course as Christians, we know we are children of God and we have a Father in heaven who loves us – and that whatever our relationship status today, we can spend some time praying and meditating on the love that God has for us – that surpasses all human love and is truly marvellous. We also talked about getting together with family and friends and telling them how much they mean to you – and that you appreciate the love they show you. So everyone can make the most of Valentines Day. And finally, if you are single, how to use this day as a springboard to making the most of the days, weeks and months ahead to get out there to meet new people and find your someone special.

Spirit Radio LogoThe 21 Dating Mistakes – Not Enlisting the support of family and friends

Once again, it was a pleasure to join Wendy – the presenter on the Irish radio station – Spirit Radio – to talk about our 21 Dating Mistakes that can be fatal to your future. They sound negative but each of these mistakes are things you can do unwittingly – and once you know what they are, you can focus on the positive – i.e. doing the thing that makes a difference. Today we were talking about Enlisting the support of family and friends to help you find someone who is right for you. Many people think this is a terrifying thing to do but actualy once you try it, and do it in a really purposeful way, you discover that there is  whole network of people who are out there willing to think who they know who is also single. It’s a great way to find other single people – and one of the best ways because the people your friends and family know are most like to be the ‘right’ type of person for you.

Spirit Radio LogoThe 7 Deadly Relationship Sins – Sin no. 7

The final and 7th Deadly Relationship sin was announced and discussed on Spirit Radio this morning. I was delighted to join Wendy once again to recap all of the other Deadly Relationship Sins and to discuss the final ‘sin’ which is not focussing on the person you are talking to and looking bored. No-one wants to experience this – yet we all have – but once again, it’s a terrible thing to do in a dating context. You can listen to the interview by clicking here. If you would like to receive more details about all the 7 Deadly Relationship sins, click here.

Radio interview with Nicky Campbell – Radio 5 Live

It was a pleasure to be invited onto Radio 5 live for the chat programme with Nicky Campbell. The programme was discussing sex and relationships and had some rather interesting callers who preceeded me. It was a great opportunity for me  to tell the listeners about friendsfirst’s take on sex and relationships – we are a big fan! Find out by listening to the interview by clicking here.