Christian Dating Resources – use these Resources to increase your success and joy in your search for a soul mate.

To get the most out of your Christian Dating experience these Christian Dating Resources aim to help you do the right things in the right way.  They will also help you make better decisions and achieve the results you want. Choose which Christian Dating resources you like the look of, then consume them in your own time. There is something for everyone – books, ebooks, webinars, emails and videos.

Our Christian Dating Resources will help you ….. as you make the time and put in the effort into finding your soulmate.

Dating can be incredibly exciting, but sometimes it’s a confusing and emotional journey. With our expertise we can help you. Our Christian Dating Resources are the tools you need to guide you forward to successfully finding your lifetime partner.  Take time to learn about dating whilst on your journey, to date in the best possible way as well as learning from things that haven’t gone as well as you’ve have liked in the past.

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Discover How You Too Can Find A Christian Companion Who Shares YOUR Beliefs and Values

Free Dating Course for you which could HELP you find your soul mate and  single christian of your dreams. Watch the video or click here for more information

We hold discovery events online every week. These events (live webinars) are held on a Monday evening and generally last about an hour and are free to attend. You’ll leave the event knowing exactly how you want to proceed and the best way to do so. You need to register your place to attend this discovery event
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Is it possible that one of the 7 Deadly Relationship Sins could be holding you captive?


 It’s a sad truth that many single Christians could meet and marry each other if they were not tripping over one of the Seven Deadly Relationship Sins!

Ensure you’re not one of them by getting this resource!


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Finding it hard to meet other single Christians?

As a Christian wanting to meet other single Christians – either for friendship or because you want to settle down with someone who shares your Christian faith – then you know that finding these people isn’t easy.

There are loads of single Christians around BUT you have to know where to look and know how to meet them.

This ebook will give you plenty of tried and tested ideas of how and where to meet single Christians.

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How to make your search for a soulmate 100% successful

Learn how to date in a way that ensures you will be successful! There are things you can do which will massively increase your success in dating.

We’re delighted to share the lessons we’ve learnt with and through our members who have been successful in finding their dream companion. All of these lessons are taken directly from the behaviour of our successful daters. They are tried, tested and work!

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Christian Dating Resourcing Kissing Guide logoDating Books - Looking for love

Dating as a widow, this 52 page humorously illustrated guide book is written specifically to help widows and widowers through many of the issues that they are likely to be facing when considering a new relationship.

Compiled from the feedback of widows and widowers themselves, it’s a sensitive and practical guide to moving on and making the most of new relationships.

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Expertly written by a man who’s been there and got the T-shirt.

Revd David Robertson’s book “Risking Romance Again – Dating After Divorce” provides essential strategies to enable you to move forward from your past and embrace a wonderfully happy future.

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Christian Dating Resourcing Kissing Guide logoDating Books - How to be the one

In this book which everyone looking to find a partner should read, Roy explores not just how to find your perfect partner but to BE the perfect partner. 

Packed with life-changing wisdom, insights and practical tips to help you become your best self, How To Be The One helps you evaluate what you bring to a relationship and better understand how to connect with your ideal partner.

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This dating coaching podcast is brought to you by Katharine Gray – the Christian Dating expert and founder of Friends1st Friendsfirst is an introduction service for single Christians across the UK. It is based in the Midlands and is run exclusively by Christians for Christians. Friendsfirst is open to unattached Christians of all denominations and ages and welcomes people from a wide variety of backgrounds and traditions. It is a friendly and professionally run service that puts its members at the heart of everything it does.