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Jan 6, 2017 | Christian Dating, Christian Dating and faith | 0 comments

When you’re searching online for Christian Dating Sites you need to know one key fact.

Not everything online is as it appears at face value and Christian Dating Sites are no exception here.

Christian Dating Sites come under many guises and it’s hard to tell what you’re really looking at when you think you’ve found a Christian Dating Site.  Let me explain.

In order to make online dating work (i.e to display enough people in the search results to entice you to actually join the site yourself) there have to be hundreds of people signing up to any particular site each day. Now if you do the maths about the number of Christian Dating Sites that exist (and you know from a Google Search that there seem to be thousands of them!) the reality is that hundreds of people are NOT joining every site every day. If they were then how come you’re finding it so hard to meet single Christians!

If that’s the case, how do these sites work then? Here’s how.

Most online dating sites (and certainly the majority of Christian Dating Sites) use a system called white label dating to make their site look as if it’s got hundreds of people joining it every day. A white label dating site is one that has an individual and unique home page (like a front door) that feed ‘members’ into a huge conglomerate organisation consisting of hundreds of individual sites.  To take the front door analogy further, imagine a street of houses each with their own unique front doors. Each house is a different colour – so the appearance is of lots of different houses. But behind each door is one massive house – there aren’t individual houses at all – it’s all one building.

White label sites are just like that. On the outside they all look different but once inside you’re in one big organisation.

So how does this affect Christian Dating Sites and particularly you if you’re looking to meet other genuine Christians on Christian Dating Sites?

You search online for Christian Dating Sites – and see a lot of different sites – with different names. You look at them and they appear different when you look at the home page. You think you’re joining a Christian Dating Site (because perhaps there are nice Biblical images and a bible verse on the home page!), but it’s only when you get ‘inside’ that you discover that the other members come from all sorts of other sites – like sites attracting people who like Nature for example, or sport or that are targeted at any other interest.

Can you tell if the Christian Dating Sites you like the look if are White Label Sites? No of course not! (Unless you look very hard and do lots of research and know what you’re looking for!)

And does it matter anyway?  Well here at friends1st (which by the way is a 100% stand alone 100% Christian organisation not affiliated or connected to any other organisation where one of our key criteria for membership is that you have to be a Christian!) we’d say it matters a GREAT deal. Because if you’re looking to search for and find genuine Christians, then you certainly don’t want to be joining a site which ‘appears’ Christian on the outside, but which once you get going clearly isn’t full of Christian members, because a huge percentage of members have come from ‘connected sites (or other front doors) that have nothing to do with Christianity at all.

If you’ve found this article interesting and would like to talk to us more about it, we’d be delighted to talk to you. We’ve been in the industry since 1999 so we know what we’re talking about! And if you’re looking for a genuine Christian Dating Site we can certainly tell you more about where to find the real ones!

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