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Take our “Eligible Christian Man” test

From time immemorable, in fact as far back as the Garden of Eden, women have always desired and sought eligible men.

Christian women are no different. If you’re an eligible single Christian man the world is your oyster.

But how do you know if you are eligible or not? It’s very hard to get a good idea of how others perceive you and unless you’ve got a very honest mother or close female friend who is prepared to tell you the real honest truth about yourself, then you probably won’t  know how you are coming across to others – how eligible you are.

Worry not. Now you can take our eligibility test and find out exactly how attractive you are to the oppostive sex.

Score yourself on the 5 questions below – with 1 being a low score and 5 being high. Be completely honest – this anaylsis is entirely for your benefit – and the more honest and objective you are, the more valuable you’ll find the exercise.

Add your score together and read the assessment of your eligibilty below. If you’d like a more detailed report on how you scored, complete the form below.

1. Are you well liked within your own social circle?

2. Are you financially independent?

3. Would your friends describe you as a snappy dresser?

4. Do you often get invited to dinner parties as a single man?

5. Does your faith have an outworking in your life eg being involved in voluntary activities or church activities
Assessment score analysis

You scored  20-25 points

Congratulations you are an extremely eligible Chrisitan man. You’ve scored 4 or 5s to every question which means that you are a prime catch for any single Christian woman. You’re popular and well liked, financially independent and know how to look good. You’re probably invited to dinner parties or social occassions regularly because you’re good company and single men are always a shortage at social events. And as a Christian your faith is obvious and being worked out in practice.  Perhaps you are single by choice – or perhaps you haven’t met the right woman yet – but fear not, she’s out there and you’re in a great position to find your catch as you have everything to offer her.

You scored  11 – 19 points

If you scored between 11 and 19 points then you probably scored highly in one area, and average or low in the others. You’re an eligible Christian man but chances are you’re hiding your light under a bushel. You’ve got some work to do on yourself! If you scored low on the snappy dressing question then that’s an easy quick win. Getting your appearance right is one of the easiest things to change and it really important – irrespective of whether you think it is or not!  If you’re not financially independent it’s not the end of the world as women seek much more than just a bread winner but you’ll have to make up for this in other ways that win the day. If you’re reasonably liked within your social circle then you should be being asked out to social events. If your faith isn’t being worked out in some way then you’re going to struggle to attract a Christian women who is looking for a strong Christian man who lives out his faith. None of these are hugely difficult to change – but you have got some work to do if you want to move into the ‘extremely eligible and attractive to women’ group, and become a great catch yourself.

You scored  5 – 10 points

Oh dear – there’s no way you can describe yourself as an eligible Christian man. You’ve probably been single for a while – perhaps you’ve never had a girlfriend and if that’s the case the reasons why should now be staring you in the face. Christian women are like all other women in that they want a man they can be proud of – one that dresses well and won’t embarrass them in public. Even if not financially independent, they won’t be living with Mum or living off the state! Although it’s normal for men not to have a wide circle of friends, if you have only got one or two friends then you’ve got to ask youself some serious questions why that is the case. Perhaps your faith has no outworkings – you’re not involved in church or any faith inspired activities. That’s certainly not going to attract the right woman.  It’s not looking good for you – but there is hope. All of this can be changed but it’s going to take some work on your part – but it’ll be worth it. Being an eligible Christian man is the envy of the world – and being confident you can find a great Christian women as a catch is worth all the effort in the world!