connecting with christians

by | Dec 7, 2015 | Christian Dating


Recently I went to a concert performed by a group of three classical musicians playing wonderful folk music. At the interval, they all mixed with the audience and when the second half began the leader of the group said she was bemused that so many of us had asked them where they came from.

It made me think that as humans, we like to be able to place people, to link them into our life framework – even if they are musicians providing entertainment for us whom we’ll probably never see again.

It’s the same in the dating and friendship world. We like to find out whether there are connections between us. So, often when people meet, they’ll ask questions like ‘What part of the country do you come from?’ or ‘Where did you go to school?’ hoping that there will be common ground – some shared background that makes it easier for us to connect to others – to feel as if we come from the same place.

Perhaps that’s why some people find dating using an organisation like friendsfirst hard – because unlike meeting someone at a friend’s party, or at church, it might appear initially as if there is no common ground.

But actually, if you ask the right questions, you’ll be amazed at how often you can find common ground with what at first seem like complete strangers. You’ve probably heard that there are only six degrees of separation between any two people and it’s amazing how true it is – dig hard enough and you’ll find that someone you know, knows someone they know and before you know it there is your connection. Doing this can really help in dating – as we definitely feel more secure with people once we know where and how they fit into our world and our connections.

Lastly, as Christians we all of course have one key person that unites and connects us and that is God and Jesus. If you really can’t find any other connections then your faith is a great place to start to make really solid  connections with other people. Shared experiences, shared places, shared beliefs definitely help to make us feel connected with one another and as Christians we certainly all have this in common.