Cook great food for your home dinner date

by | Oct 9, 2014 | Great date ideas, Tips for Christian dating


4 easy to follow recipes that anyone can use for delicious food on a home dinner date.

Gentlemen, the time may soon arrive where after a few weeks dating you may invite a potential partner over for dinner.

Offline Christian dating experts Friends1st is on hand to help you lay on a delicious meal – regardless of your culinary talents. Here are our 4 recipes for easy home cooking.

A winter warmer

The nights are drawing in and the journey to your house may be cold and wet. Kick off dinner on the right foot with a comforting bowl of this chicken noodle soup from Delish.


Hearty, filling and simple – Italian food is a versatile food style that doesn’t require. This classic tomato spaghetti from Jamie Oliver packs in the flavour while keeping it simple in the kitchen.

For the vegetarian

It’s aways good to have a vegetarian/vegan option up your sleeve, just in case. This spicy mushroom and broccoli stir fry from the BBC is the perfect easy vegetarian fix.

Something sweet

Dinner isn’t the same without a dessert. Try this no fuss chocolate mousse from Delia to leave a sweet taste at the end of your meal.

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