Pat and Ann Christian Dating marriage stories outside next to car

Another relationship is made

We were thrilled to receive news from Pat and Ann in Ireland. It’s so uplifting to read such great feedback and to hear that it’s not until you actually speak to someone, that you find out that they actually have the same likes and interests! 


“I joined Friends First in September 2020.  Previous to joining Friends First, I had joined another dating site but was not happy with the way the agency worked. I happened to see an advertisement for Friends First and decided to contact them and after they explained how they operated I joined.  I found them to be friendly, very well organized, and ready to help.

I have to say it was the best decision I had made in a long time.

When I received my first lot of profiles, I contacted one lady but the distance between us was too great. Ann was the second lady I contacted, she lived in the next county over from mine. I sent her a text explaining who I was and giving her some details.  She replied agreeing to have a chat on the telephone later that evening and asked if I would send a copy of my profile which I did.  We spoke to each other that evening and enjoyed the conversation very much.

Even though we had not yet met, we found that we enjoyed similar interests, likes and dislikes.  One of our mutual interests was exploring places of interest and vintage cars. I have a vintage car, a 1978 MGBGT and we go together on rallies. We talked to each other every day for the next week and then we Facetimed.  After a week or so we agreed to meet at first in a park we both knew.

When I first saw Ann in person, I thought she was attractive and interesting. We have been together ever since from then. I am so glad that I found Friends1st and am thankful for the advice and guidance that Katharine and Sarah offered.  It was very professional while friendly. We both look forward now to the future.”


 “I had been a widow for some time when my daughter encouraged me to think about joining a dating site.  I wasn’t too sure about it but did start looking at some sites and this is how I came across Friends First. When reading about them and what they offered I knew this was what I wanted.

The service was excellent, Katharine and Sarah were happy to help and offer guidance when needed.

I joined in May or June 2020 and received my first lot of profiles. Taking their advice I studied the profile and contacted quite a few gentlemen.  I found that a couple had already met someone, some others did not reply, and one said that I was too far away.

 Then on the 25th September I received a text from Pat. He explained that he had received my profile and wondered if I would be interested in contact with him.  I replied that I would and asked him to send me his profile.  We agreed to that he would call me that evening which he did. I found out that he lived in County Cork which is the county next to me.

We talked for ages that evening and found we had similar likes and interests. We continued chatting on the phone for a week and then we facetimed each other. After a while we decided to meet each other in person so we chose a park which we both knew fairly near to me.

Pat is a very kind; considerate person and we thoroughly enjoy each other’s company. Our future together is very promising to both of us and my thanks to Friends and it particular, Katharine and Sarah for their professionalism and readiness to help with any queries.”


Can Christian dating couples travel together?

Pat and Anne are a fabulous example –  one of many – of a Christian dating couple travelling together. They’ve had to travel to meet each other and then having discovered they have a lot in common they have enjoyed travelling together.

One important thing to consider is how your sleeping arrangements will work if you are going to travel as a couple prior to getting married. We’d always suggest that before you are married you keep to separate bedrooms when travelling together. As a genuine follower of Jesus you’ll want to keep your relationship pure, and free from temptations. Sleeping in separate rooms (and sticking to them) will help you here. The Bible tells us that sleeping together before marriage is wrong – ie sharing the physical intimacy of sex without being married. Sex is a great gift of God but he has placed it within the covenant of marriage.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to have two rooms, then it’d be better not to travel together before you are married – or to find a cheaper way of travelling so that you can stay apart at night.

Do Christian dating apps work?

Yes!!! – Pat and Anne and many others like them are proof that Christian dating apps and sites do work. They work for thousands of people. You must be prepared to be proactive in contacting other members and not be put off when you don’t find someone straight away. That does happen for some people but not for the majority of them. Perseverance is key in Christian dating and of course praying as it if all depended on God but acting as if it all depended on you. Read our A-Z of Christian dating to find out the best way of making Christian dating apps work for you.