Pope Francis giving the thumbs up to his advice

Dating Advice from Pope Francis


One area of life that everyone seems to have advice to offer is dating. If you have told anyone you are single, I am sure you will have had dating advice from your single friends, from your married friends, and even from your mom. But have you ever gotten dating advice from The Pope?  His words below are very wise and should be applied to dating as well as engagement.

In a general audience, Pope Francis gave a catechesis on dating and engagement for all single Catholics to hear. Whether you are Catholic or not – the Pope shared some very wise words that are well worth taking to heart, pondering on and letting them take root in your dating journey.

Here is some of the advice he gave:

  1. “The freedom of giving oneself to another is a decision that requires a conscious harmony. It’s not about a simple mutual attraction, an emotion, a moment or a phase. It’s a journey.”
  1. “[Dating and engagement] are the time when the two are called to perform a real labour of love, an involved and shared work that delves deep. Here they discover one another little by little, i.e. the man “learns” about woman by learning about this woman, and the woman “learns” about man by learning about this man.”
  1. “The covenant of love between man and woman — a covenant for life — cannot be improvised. It isn’t made up one day to the next. There is no marriage express: one needs to work on love, one needs to walk.”
  1. “Those who want to have everything immediately, also fall before anything immediately, when facing the first challenge or first opportunity. Dating is a time for couples to see if there is the will to care for something that cannot be bought, sold, betrayed or abandoned, no matter how appealing the offer is.”
  1. “Many couples have been together for a long time, even intimately. Some even live together, but they don’t truly know one another. It seems curious, but experience shows that it’s true. ”
  1. “The Church, in her wisdom, guards the distinction between being engaged and being spouses — it’s not the same — especially in view of the delicateness and depth of this test.”
  1. “[Dating and engagement] are a path of life that has to ripen like fruit; it is a way of maturing in love, until the moment it becomes marriage.”