A friend helped me last year to interview for our membership manager post. The interviews involved a role play where she acted as a potential member discussing the issue of distance with us. We were saying that distance doesn’t need to be a factor when considering a relationship with someone, and that with the right person, distance really won’t be an issue.

I had a drink with her last night and she told me how during the role play she was thinking that what we were saying didn’t really make sense and that what she really thought was that distance did matter and she herself wouldn’t consider a relationship with anyone a long way away. But lo and behold, in the last couple of months she has started  a relationship with someone who lives 2 hours from her. They are very much in love and discussing their long term future together. She went onto say that she was now finding that the long distance between them was totally immaterial – not something they even considered and just not an issue for them.

So it just goes to prove that we all think distance is an issue, but that when we meet the right person who turns our world around and makes our heart flutter, the very last thing on our mind is distance!

So next time you make a decision about someone’s profile, don’t worry about where they live. If they are right for you, distance truly won’t be an issue.