Preparation is key

John in Manchester asks……..

When you send me other people’s profiles – am I meant to complete the boxes on each of them and send them back to you?

Ella says…………… 

The boxes are there for your notes and records. It is always good to prepare in advance for any contacts you are looking to make. With each profile pick out particular things to ask questions about, or find things you have in common. If you pop all of this information in the boxes it is there as a prompt for when you decide to make contact. It is also a great help when you hear back from someone as you can then refer to their profile sheet as a reminder for the conversation on the telephone you may have had, or the email you have sent.

If you keep your profiles in the folder provided at the beginning of your membership this helps keep all of the details in order and easily at hand. We also all know how it feels when you are making initial contact and how nerve racking that can be, but if you are prepared it makes this a little easier.

If you have made the effort to prepare and taken the big step to contact someone, we all know how disappointing it can be to not receive a response. I would just like to take this opportunity to please ask that even if the response is negative that you do still reply, I am sure you can appreciate how much it can knock your confidence and the confidence of others having made that huge step, not to hear anything.

….. I hope this helps. Keep sending your questions in – if you’re wondering something you can bet someone else is too