Do you have a goal - Arrow in bullseye on dart board
I’ve recently been thinking about goals.

Now I’ve never been a very goal orientated person. I’ve always found them a bit difficult to set and generally I don’t do it. I think if I’m honest it’s more down to mental and emotional laziness than anything else (well and perhaps a bit of fear!).

But I do know that in the few times of my life when I have set a goal I’ve always reached it – which is pretty amazing when you think about it – and some of these goals (for example obtaining a visa to go and live in Australia) were NOT easy to achieve.

Goals really do give us focus in life and help us to see where we are going, and there’s one thing that’s certain… you are going somewhere and if you don’t determine your path to a degree then you’ll probably drift like a  rudderless boat pushed this way and that by the wind,.

So can we set goals to do with our personal life?

You might think you can set a goal like ‘I want to get married in the next 2 years’. Now I’d say this was more of a desire than a goal… because it’s not something you can achieve on your own- and it’s not something you can completely control.

However you can control the steps that would lead you in that direction – and therefore you can set goals to achieve this.

For example you might have had as a goal “Join an introduction agency within six months in order to meet more people.” You can tick you’ve done that. Excellent.

What other goals might you now set yourself to help you move forward towards your dream?

Here are some examples

– I’m going to contact (by phone, email or letter) x number of people each month.

(this is a very specific targeted goal that you can measure – that’s always important)

– I’m going to meet x number of new people in the next x months (again specific and measurable).

Once you’ve set this goal you are going to have to start thinking how to make this happen. For example:

o       Are you going to invite other friendsfirst members to meet up with you?

o       Are you going to attend an event and meet new people there?

o       Are you going to join a local club and meet new people there?

– I’m going to take up a new interest/hobby so that my profile is more interesting and I’ve got new things to talk about to other people.

Setting goals help us to be more purposeful.

They always help us measure how we are doing.

If you are anything like me, then you are probably finding life flying by – you are always busy – but not necessarily achieving or getting what you want in life.

Set some goals and I assure you you’ll find it easier to structure your time and life to achieve them.

Take some time to set some goals for yourself now …. And then of course don’t forget to track how you are doing on them in 1/3/6 months time.