Susan in Stratford asks……. 

Sometimes I send an email to another member and it gets forwarded back to me by friends1st. Why is this?

Sarah says

We use a clever system to set up email forwarding based on a specific friends1st email address. If you send an email to someone and don’t use the EXACT email address on their profile (the @friends1st one) – and you get one letter or number wrong, then the email forwarding system we use won’t recognise  the email address and will send the email address to us (in the office) rather than forwarding to the intended recipient. 

So if we are sending emails you’ve sent to others back to you, it’s essentially because the address you’ve entered into the To: box is incorrect.

Be careful when you first write to someone by email. Like getting a web address 100% correct, you have to get an email address 100% correct too.

Don’t make it up or guess it. Check carefully you’ve got it 100% right – and then you’ll at least know your email will be delivered to the right place.