Families and how to survive them

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Families and how to survive them by Robin Skynner and John Cleese

Despite the title of this book being about families it’s a very important read for people looking for relationships as it deals with who and why we are attracted to certain people. It also asks (and answers) What makes a family happy? Why do some marriages ‘succeed’ and others end in divorce? How can we free ourselves from the legacy of past mistakes and bring about positive change? Love, sex and marriage and parenthood, depression and sadness, independence and experience are just a few of the many issues explored in conversation by family therapist Robin Skynner and his former patient and comedian, John Cleese. Guiding us through the daily issues that confront us all, FAMILIES AND HOW TO SURVIVE THEM offers vital advice in helping each of us to maintain a happy, healthy family life. Looking candidly at everything from our relationships with our parents to why and how we choose our partners, no emotional stone is left unturned: jealousy, rage, fear, envy, love, obsession, hope and despair – all are featured-with practical advice on how to turn round a negative situation and bring about change for the better.

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