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How important is my friends1st Christian Dating profile?

Your friends1st Christian Dating profile is very very important and you should make sure it reflects the real you - and not necessarily an 'advertising' you that isn't the real you! When you have a friends1st Christian Dating profile it's the thing that will create a first impression of you. And you want that first impression to be not only good but accurate. We will work hard to make sure your friends1st Christian Dating profile sounds good but we can only go on the information you supply us - whether that's in writing or over the telephone. We advise you to discuss the information that give us for your friends1st Christian Dating profile to check that it reflects the real you and is as compelling as possible.

Should I include my email address in my friends1st Christian Dating profile ?

Many people find using email quick, easy and safe, so we do recommend that you include your email address in your friends1st Christian Dating profile. Consider setting up an email account just for this purpose – free accounts like Hotmail or Yahoo are easy to set up and use and you can choose a name that doesn’t reveal your full name and surname.

What is a friendsfirst personalised email address?

A friends1st personalised email address is an email address that we assign you – it is normally your friends1st Christian Dating profile name and number @friends1st.co.uk eg Dave1234@friends1st.co.uk. Our servers use a clever system of rerouting all emails sent to this address to your personal email address eg DaveSmith@hotmail.com. The benefits of this are that you can include an email address on your friends1st Christian Dating profile – with email being received straight to your normal account – but without your personal email address being made public. We are very ‘hot’ on security and if your own email address includes your surname, then having a friendsfirst email address is particularly recommended because we don't want your surname being shown on your friends1st Christian Dating profile.

Can I change my friends1st Christian Dating profile?

You are free to amend your friends1st Christian Dating profile at any time and as many times as you like. It is important to us that you are happy with your profile and that it reflects the true you, and any lifechanges that may happen over the course of your membership. After you’ve told us you are happy with your friends1st Christian Dating profile at the beginning of your membership, we do make a small administration charge for changes after this point.

Can I change my age criteria?

You can change your age criteria at any time you want.

Is it possible for me to receive profiles but not have mine circulated to other members?

Although we don’t recommend just receiving other friends1st Christian Dating profile s, we can offer this service and do occasionally provide it for people who feel they are in a very public position/role and who need to keep their identity highly secure. Please call us to discuss withholding your friends1st Christian Dating profile if you feel you might benefit from this service.

Friends1st Christian Dating Profile

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