First impressions – they’re so important

You probably know the saying: “You only have one chance to create a first impression” and you’ll know how true it is. First impressions count!

So if you’ve only got one chance to make a first impression then shouldn’t you do everything in your power to make your first impressions as good as it can be.

Now with your profile – the first impression you make is going to be from the pictures on your profile. There’s no excuse now not to have good pictures – because if you’ve joined us in the past 8 months or so you’ll have been given a professional photo shoot and at least 2 pictures from that photo shoot put on your profile. You have taken that photo shoot up haven’t you? (if you haven’t had yours done yet please put this on the top of your to do list).

Now I’m sure you’ll know (but just in case you don’t) every profile can contain six pictures. That’s three above the written profile and three below it. And let me tell you, the people who put six pictures on their profile STAND OUT a mile in any group of profiles.

Research on how we humans look at information shows that we always look at pictures first, captions second and words third. If that’s the case then the more pictures you put on your profile, the longer someone is going to be looking at your profile which is exactly what you want them to be doing.

When we talk to members about this,  for example those people with say just one picture on their profile, what we often hear is that they are quite happy with the one picture and they think that looks fine. Well of course they do. They know themselves and have probably seen lots of other pictures of themselves. What they don’t realise is this really isn’t about them. I’m going to say that again because it’s so important I want you to read it again. The photos on your profile aren’t all about you.

The photos on your profile aren’t all about you! It’s about the first impression you make.

 That probably sounds really odd but think a moment. Although they are of you, they really are all about what the person looking at your picture thinks of it (and in association thinks of you!) So really it’s all about them and how they are thinking about you!

Now if there’s only one picture of you on your profile, and it’s not that good or interesting (I’m thinking particularly of the members who haven’t had a photo shoot done – or have sent us a passport photo (which make us all look like criminals –  me included!), and your profile arrives on someone’s door mat alongside a similar sounding profile which has say 5 or 6 really interesting photos on, what’s likely to happen? The person reading the profile will spend more time looking at that other profile and is probably more likely to contact the person who has more photos.

Now I’m not saying this will always happen, but what I’m saying is that having a good selection of photographs on your profile is really important. And it doesn’t matter what level of membership you’re on – every member can have six photographs in total on their profile.

Now it does cost a little bit more to put more photographs on your profile than what is automatically included in your membership level. And just to recap 2 pictures are included on a  Silver membership, 3 on Gold, 4 on Platinum and 5 on Platinum Plus.

Remember the photographs aren’t about you even if they are of you. Remember it’s all about first impressions and they are important.

So take some time today to review your profile, check the number of pictures on it, and give us a call to get your profile looking top class and irresistible!  If you’ve had a professional photo shoot done we’ll have additional pictures of you – and of course you can always send in your own pictures if you’d like especially if they are of you doing something interesting.

Take action today.