Flirty Dancing

Flirty Dancing

If you love Strictly Come Dancing and you love dancing yourself and you are looking for inspiration for your own dating experiences, then you are going to love the latest Channel 4 dating show. Ashley Banjo (a dance choreographer) is playing cupid in this new show where singletons will be taught a dance routine in 4 days which they will then dance with another singleton they haven’t previously met before. Only after they have danced (and parted company) will they be offered a second date to get to know each if they both feel there is some chemistry there. Flirty Dancing is a great idea and I am sure it will be a very popular show.

Ashley Banjo shot to fame himself after leading the dance crew Diversity on Britiain’s got Talent in 2009. As someone who met his wife on the dancefloor, Ashley knows how powerful a dance connection is between two people.  Dancing is often a sensuous and if two people love dancing, it’s a great start to having something real and tangible in common.

So many people these days are absolutely fed up with dating apps where the first and foremost criteria is how you look. Swipe right, swipe left and soon you feel utterly disillusioned and probably lacking in confidence yourself when you aren’t getting as many acceptances as you had imagined you deserve. Although many people think looks are important, in a long term committed fulfilling relationship, they fall far down the list of what is essential for a relationship to work. That is probably why a lot of less attractive people are married and a lot of fabulously beautiful and superficially attractive people are still single. Technology was supposed to make it easier for people to find their perfect partner and every new dating site or app that comes out promises that the latest technology will help them do that. But essentially, as humans we never change. What we all want is a committed faithful relationship with someone who loves us – warts and all – and who we can love back. It is no wonder there more single people around in our society today than ever before, because these apps and sites encourage people to judge others on superficial aspects like looks, as well as persuading people that there is always someone better out there – which quite simply isn’t true!

The Flirty Dancing idea is great because it gives people a chance to try out a skill together. However let us remember this is a television show and it’s prime purpose isn’t to play cupid but to provide great TV entertainment – just like First Dates and Blind Date before did. However if you are fed up of your on-line dating experience, trying a dance class is a fabulous idea. I remember Ballroom dancing at University and being partnered with someone I really didn’t fancy or like much at first. But as we danced together a real chemistry formed between us. There is no doubt that electricity is created between two people when they dance together. Viewers will certainly be aware of that after watching what happened to many couples put together on Strictly Come Dancing.

The other great thing about dancing is that all ages groups can do it. You don’t have to be 18, and you can still dance at 90. It’s a hobby that almost everyone can do. Also I am a firm believer that personal touch is greatly needed in society today. Most of us like a hug, or a sensitive caring touch on the shoulder when someone is being empathetic – and nowadays with our concerns over misinterpretation, and the risk of coming across as too familiar, we have lost a sense of appropriate touch. Dancing brings it back as two people generally have to touch each other – and this is very powerful.

Flirty Dancing starts on Thursday 10th January at 10pm on Channel 4.

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