Mark & Lorin’s story of marriage through Friends1st offline events.

We have been blessed with many success stories of marriages between our members over the last 15 years. One of the more recent from earlier this year is the story of Mark and Lorin.

Mark had been a very involved Friends1st member, attending many of our offline events since joining. He wrote to us regularly with advice for how to tailor our service to his needs. In April last year he met Lorin, originally from Zimbabwe, at one of our offline meeting events. This lead to them developing a strong friendship, and ultimately announcing their engagement in October 2013.

Mark and Lorin were married in Harare, Zimbabwe in January this year. We wish them all the best as their friendship and marriage continues to to blossom.

Our membership meet ups are one of the reasons Friends1st is the UK’s best offline Christian introduction agency. While registration is done online our emphasis on meeting people, and communicating in the offline world is what makes our service so popular and effective. Hear more from Friends1st Founder & Director Katharine Gray in the below video.

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