Gods perfect timing

Many things in daily life can remind us how important God’s timing can be.

We had some long-term guests move out of our house a few weeks ago, and as I was cleaning their room I found an orchid plant that looked pretty dead. I was about to throw it out when my husband persuaded me not to.  I am not very green fingered, and most plants under my care don’t thrive. I wasn’t so keen on his decision, as this plant (if it was even alive) just looked like a rather shrivelled up old twig – attached to a small thin stick to keep it upright – with gangly roots coming out at the bottom. I’m sure you’ve seen something similar.

Other people seem to be able to keep orchids and have a mass of flowers on them. Not me.

My husband suggested I move it into the bathroom which I duly did.

WELL! To my absolute amazement in the space of two weeks two beautiful flowers have magically appeared. We think the plant must like the different position and all the steam from the shower perhaps.

And to my delight, I can see a few more little buds appearing, which I am sure now will duly turn into flowers. Perhaps one day I will have a flower filled orchid plant of my own.

As I stood looking at the buds in amazement the other day, I reflected that perhaps God wanted to teach me something about my spiritual journey through this plant.

I am a very impulsive person, and quite impatient. I am very impatient with my spiritual journey. Is God changing me? After all these years of being a Christian, are there any ‘flowers’ to show for it? Am I like a branch that should be cut off and thrown into the ‘bin’ (where my orchid so nearly went) because my life looks a bit dead?

I wanted a fully flowering orchid, and I wanted it now.

But God’s timing works differently. In the right conditions, the flowers come. God is patient. That little bud I can see, is developing in its own perfect time, slowly but surely. It needs the right conditions to grow, and then it will indeed do that, in all its perfection.

I think dating can be a little like this too. We can look at our dating experience so far and think it’s barren and dead (like I looked at the orchid branch when I took it out of our guests’ room and almost chucked it away). We give up on it, thinking there is no life in it, and it has no future.

But I am convinced this is not the case. Perhaps like my orchid, it just needs different conditions. More light, more steam, a different environment, and time! Time to develop slowly. And given those new environments and new conditions, then surely as night follows day, it will flourish – with beautiful results.

So, if you feel you are in a barren place right now in your dating, please be encouraged by my orchid. Most importantly the Lord is your life giver, He has your future planned. It may be you need to change the conditions to enable the future to blossom as is His plan for you, and that’s certainly a conversation worth having with Him. Don’t be impatient like I am. Trust in His good, perfect timing. God’s timing. Do your part, let God do his.

This comes with our blessings for you.