Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I’ve just finished reading this ‘Thriller of the Year’ and it was a book I could hardly put down. It’s about an American young couple and their close, dangerous and essentially dysfunctional relationship. This is a book with many twists and turns and a very unexpected ending. It’s superbly constructed, ingeniously paced and absolutely terrifying… a Five-star suspense mystery.

It has a lot to say about the power of knowing someone else deeply and truly, and although one wouldn’t wish this sort of relationship on anyone else, it does provide plenty of food for thought. It’s become an award winning film – which I gather has some horrific scenes – so not one to watch lightly. I’d definitely recommend reading it – but one warming – Gone Girl contains a fair amount of unpleasant language. This was not a particular problem for me, but it might be for some readers.