Hang in there

“Without hope and vision the people perish” Proverbs 29:18

So HANG on in there.

The Bible has so many wise things to instruct us about life (if you aren’t reading it purely to discover and know ever more deeply God’s great love for you given through Jesus Christ).

This verse is resonating with me quite a lot at the moment – and on many levels as is often the way when the Lord speaks to us.

I’ve had two big areas of my life in which circumstances changed such that I had seriously began to lose my vision – or as I interpret it –  hope. It’s not a nice place to be. It’s a dark place. It’s a difficult place and it’s a place where there seems no future.

No wonder the Bible says without vision the people perish.

In one of these areas of my life I’ve been in this place for almost a year and it’s only very recently that things have changed for the better and I have regained my hope (and vitality!) I came very close on many occasions to “throwing in the towel”; giving up – and because this is a big part of my life, it made for life being pretty difficult.

The other area is totally not yet resolved, but a simple phone call to a friend restored my vision of a future – and my hope – and although I’m still in a difficult place wondering how things will pan out and still despairing often, I do know there is hope.

Neither of these two situations for me are life threatening and nor are they do with my health – thank God. To be there would be very different!

Maybe you can relate to this in your search for a soulmate. Maybe you’ve been calling out to God for ages…. But you’re still on your own and your hope has diminished – and it’s really getting you down.

Interestingly in both my situations I had to act. And alongside prayer – which I believe is always critical – I believe my actions made a big difference. Not all actions opened doors. Not all actions turned out to be immediately positive. In fact some turned out very negative. But all my actions took me forward – and they all led to the hope in both situations that I have now.

If you’ve subscribed to my youtube coaching videos https://www.youtube.com/user/friends1stchristians then you’ll probably have come across my video on taking MASSIVE ACTION. This is so relevant here. When we lose hope – or rather we are in the process of losing hope – then we must remember to take massive action. Another one of our catch phrases comes to mind. “Pray as if it all depended on God – act as if it all depended on you.” That also means taking massive action.

Having a vison for the future or having hope is so important in our lives. Without it we perish. If you are struggling with hope in the context of meeting a soul mate, the please take heart. Take massive action, take action, pray, pray some more and know you are on a journey.

All’s well that ends well – and if it isn’t well now then it’s not the end.


How does Christian Dating work?

Christian Dating works by individual Christians making it known that they are open to seeking out a friendship with other Christians with the view to finding a long term committed relationship. It works when individuals approach it with the right attitude and a Godly approach. 

Christian Dating works when two people are connected together and they start communicating with each other – ideally with very open minds to discover more about each other – how compatible they are – and whether they share the same life plans and ways of living life. Keeping an open mind to who you might make friends with, and what might come out of that friendship enables you to meet  a broad spectrum of people and ultimately find someone who is right for you.

Christian Dating works best when you pray and follow God’s leading on what he wants for your life, and who he wants to you meet. Being too prescriptive over how you want God to answer your prayers may well end up in Christian Dating not working for you.