Members may have noticed that when they receive profiles there is a tick box which shows whether that person has received your profile.  We had hoped this would be helpful and would be interested to hear your feedback.

The one thing we don’t want to happen is for people to be discouraged from making contact.

It’s no use waiting for them to have your profile sent in the hope they will contact you, as this could be months away depending on the level of membership they have- just take that step and make contact.

Likewise, if the box is ticked and they haven’t contacted you don’t think it’s because they don’t like you. There are umpteen reasons why people don’t make contact- they may have been on holiday, busy with work commitments, or they may just think you wouldn’t possibly be interested in them- just take that step and make contact.

If you want to walk on water- you’ve got to step out of that boat!