God hears … God answers … But not always in the way you’re expecting.

Is life not turning out how you had planned? Are you labouring under the weight of disappointment and broken dreams? If so, then you wouldn’t be the first person to ask, ‘Where are you God? … Why is this happening to me?’

Although it may seem that everyone around you leads a happy and fulfilled life, the reality is that bad stuff – as well as good – happens to us all. We all go through tough times in life. What is important is that we pick ourselves up and get back in the race, keeping the flame of hope and trust alight in our hearts. Taking a step of faith each day.

And, most important of all, that we maintain our dialogue with God. What will get us through is our relationship with Him.

Healing a Discouraged Heart by Gladys Famoriyo will support you through difficult times with the help of:

• practical insights • useful exercises • enlightening human stories • inspiring Bible quotations

Working through the book, you will discover many useful tools and insights, along with guided moments for reflection and prayer. This journey will help you look at what is in your heart and lift you out of discouragement. It will enable you to let God in to do his work.