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Highlights and Lowlights

Marianne from the Christian Gift company writes a wonderful reflection on Jesus’ highlights and lowlights from Matthew 14.

In Matthew 14 Jesus experienced one of the lowest moments of His life when His cousin John the Baptist was beheaded. His immediate reaction was to go to a solitary place and pray and grieve. But life soon invaded this moment – Perhaps He felt as we do sometimes – please stop the world, I want to get off – just for a moment! But out of and inspite of His grief, perhaps even because of it, there came some of the most momentous occasions in the Bible. He fed the 5000 shortly after, He walked on water towards the disciples in the boat, and then Peter walked on water!! Jesus broke through the barrier of His grief, not allowing it to swallow Him up and paralyse Him. We absolutely have to grieve the losses in our lives, fully, and that takes time, but we also need to refocus on Him who is able. When we do, we allow beauty to come out of ashes, the spirit of Joy to replace the oil of mourning. There is an adage that ‘Hurt people hurt people’ and that is true but only if they stay ‘hurt people’. When those who have been hurt decide to not allow the hurt to determine the course of their future, when they decide to not stay looking inwards and holding back, they allow God to gently move, guide, strengthen and position them for a different future. There are hungry, hurting people out there in need of help and someone who has been hurt, has grieved and is now ready to start giving, is ideally positioned to help to meet that need, in God’s strength.

With thanks to Marianne at the Christian Gift Company for this reflection. 

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