Hope when it Hurts by Kristen Wetherall and Sarah Walton

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Hope when it hurts by Kristen Wetherell and Sarah Walton

Hope when it hurts is a fabulous devotional book for hurting people and it’s refreshing because the two authors are still in the midst of suffering so they write from real experience.

The book is an exploration of verses taken from 2 Corinthians and focuses on how God wants to give us hope within our hurts.

It can be hard to take in anything in the midst of deep suffering but the authors are sensitive, honest and vulnerable, which provides an instant connection. They acknowledge that we all having changing responses to pain; they do not belittle that process but rather indicate the invitation it gives us to wrestle with God.

Each chapter concludes with reflective questions, a  prayer and suggested scriptures for further meditation. There is also a space for journaling.

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