Valerie from Manchester asks……….

How do I book on for a Club Dining event as a member and how do I find out where this is taking place?

Ella says……….

There are two ways for booking your Club Dining event. You can book this through the friendsfirst website (www.friends1st.co.uk) and select the event you’d like to book onto, by clicking on the ‘Events/Holidays’ tab and ‘Christian Events by Friends1st’.  Make sure that if the Club Dining event is included in your membership, that you click on to the ‘book now’ button on the right hand side.  This is for members and will only charge you the £5.99 booking fee.

The second way is to book through us, by phoning the members hotline on: 01789 549054.  Please let us know if you’re booking as part of your membership or not, as we can apply your discount.

Each club dining event on the website will include details of the city where it is taking place.  Don’t worry if you can’t access this information because you’re not online: simply give us a call to ask when and where the events are taking place or consult back issues of Cloudnine.

Once you have signed up to an event, you will receive further details about exact location and directions about how to get there.  These are sent out to you via email prior to the day, but if you don’t have an email address, we will post these out to you. Please make sure to print this out and take it with you in case you have any problems on the day.

Please note: we cannot give out precise details of the venue until you have signed up for the event.  All events taking place in London will always be held in venues in central London.  However, always check the venue, as we may use different locations for different dates.