Peter from Sheffield asks………

I’m a fairly new member – I’m not 100% sure how I send a letter to another member because I haven’t got their address?

Ella says………..

Thanks Peter for asking this – funnily enough we do get asked it quite a lot although it always surprises us because we do give you guidance on this in your initial welcome pack from us and it’s covered in the Top Tips book that you received when you joined. 

So maybe the first thing to mention is to have another look through your welcome guidance and the Top Tips book – because there’s undoubtedly information in there that will benefit your membership, and chances are you’ll read things in there that will make more sense now your membership is underway.

OK to answer your question.

As you rightly say you haven’t got other members’ addresses. So if you want to send them a letter, write it as you’d normally do (there’s great guidance in the Top Tips book for writing the actual letter too) and then put your letter in an envelope and put a stamp on it.  In pencil, on the front of the envelope write the persons name and box number that you want the letter to go to (or use a post it note if you have them)

Then pop your letter in another envelope and address that to us. Pop that in the post and as soon as we receive it we’ll forward your letter on.

I should say Peter that we track every letter we send on, so if you ever want to check your letter has been received by us and sent on, then make sure you pop a note in with your letter or put a post it note on the letter to be forwarded telling us it’s from you. If you don’t do this, we’ll be able to tell you that x member was sent a letter but we won’t know which member it was sent from.

Finally you can put as many letters to other members in the one envelope to us as you want.

I hope this helps and we’ll look forward to forwarding on your letters to other members. There’s nothing like receiving a hand written letter so I’m glad you’re on the case!