In celebration of the late starters

In Celebration of the Late Starters & ‘Peter’s Progress’

Food for thought from Chris, the father of one of our recent members.

I went to University when I was in my forties and at the age of 63, I finally completed and published my first novel called ‘Peter’s Progress’- In celebration of the Late Starters. My brother married for the second time in his fifties and he now has 2 children aged 12 and 3. In the book of Exodus we find an old man called Moses looking after sheep and probably  wondering  where he was going to spend his retirement years, when God called him to pastures new and  dramatically changed the history of the Jews;  Sarah, Abraham’s wife, laughed out loud when she overheard the Lord speaking to a very ancient Abraham, who had already long retired, telling him that Sarah was about  to conceive;  Conclusion,  God  doesn’t  seem to recognise our reasons  for not doing things, especially when we use our age as an excuse!

As Christians attempting to walk down the narrow pathway, we can still fall into the trap of pulling the baggage from former failed relationships along with us. So next time before embarking on a new relationship, why not decide to leave all that emotional junk at the foot of the Cross and keep it there, not allowing any poison to seep into any new relationship that God has prepared for you!  Every day we hear about people who are ‘holding back the years’,  putting a ‘bucket list’ together and having a great retirement and taking time, at last,  to do all the things they couldn’t do before.  When it comes to developing new relationships or interests, we can still, too often, make excuses for not moving forward.  ‘Well,’ you say, ‘I’m too old for that now!’  Or, ‘what would my children think ?’  In hindsight , you really do know that when the Lord brings you the opportunity to meet someone new,  it  shouldn’t be missed!

In Peters Progress, we are introduced to four flawed individuals who are struggling to find the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ but have to travel through the Valley of Depression and help someone out of the ‘Pits of Despair’ before they arrive. We are all on different stages in our own personal journey through life. You may be in a good place in your relationship with God at present or feel that you too have been pulled out of a pit and are presently ‘ in recovery’  and   struggling  to find  God’s purpose in it all!   So my advice is this:

1) Take a deep breath and don’t close your mind to any future opportunities that God presents you with.

2)  Don’t let the mistakes of your past determine your future.

3) Learn to say yes sometimes, and

4) Like the old James Bond movie theme; never say never again!

To order copies of Peter’s Progress online go to Lulu Publishing – Peter’s Progress